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Magazine articles about South Italy and its best sailing areas: the islands of the Gulf of Naples, Pontine Islands and Sorrento.
pontine islands

The Pontine Islands, from Ponza to Ventotene by boat

Six islands of volcanic origin that have always been among the most beautiful Italian seaside places, the Pontine Islands. Located off the Gulf of Gaeta, the Pontine Islands, once also known as the Ponziane Islands, are the ideal destination to discover by boat and where to spend a holiday of peace and relax.
gulf of naples

What to see during a weekend sailing in Naples

Rich in history, art and life, Naples is a city that exerts a timeless charm. When renting a sailboat in Naples for the weekend you will not only explore the city, but you will also be able to sail to one of the islands of the Gulf and treat yourself to a holiday of relax and culture.

Discover the islands of the Gulf on Naples by boat

Considered as a small Mediterranean paradise, the islands of the Gulf of Naples are the ideal destination to discover by renting a boat. With its crystal clear waters and coves accessible by sea, Ischia, Capri, Procida and Ponza are the perfect destination to relax and discover places out of time.

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