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Croatia : What is your kind of boat?

Croatia - our advices for your cruise

Bordered by the Adriatic Sea, Croatia and its 1,700 kilometres of coastline is a prime destination for boat hire. At the crossroads between East and West, it has been enriched by the influence of many civilizations over the centuries. Along the coasts you will find many islets and anchorages preserved from mass tourism as well as ideal weather conditions from April to October with a Mediterranean climate. The coast, miraculously preserved from the promoters' concrete, offers landscapes of breathtaking beauty that you can explore by sailboat.


The pearls of Dalmatia


Dalmatia stretches over 350 kilometres of coastline in southern Croatia and has many departure bases for cruises by sailboat, catamaran or motorboat. The marinas are very modern with good equipments and the availability of a modern fleet for hire.

Dubrovnik is located in the far south, a must for your boat hire in Croatia. The city reflects the influences of the different civilizations that have settled there over the centuries. It is rightly nicknamed "the pearl of the Adriatic" because it fascinates with its imposing ramparts and its breathtaking view of the sea in the distance. Dubrovnik is an excellent starting point for a multi-week cruise from southern Croatia.

Boat hire in Split further north will give you access to many Dalmatian islands such as Hvar, Trogir, Brač as well as the breathtaking Kornati archipelago and its 89 islands only accessible by boat. By pushing further north towards Zadar, the coastline changes face with steep mountains and unspoilt nature. Take the opportunity to dock not far from the many beaches and fishing villages.


Kornati Archipelago
Kornati National Park


The Italian influence in Istria


The Istrian peninsula in the far north of Croatia, on the border with Slovenia, also provides suitable land for boat hire. Pula Marina is a very good starting point for a cruise, it will give you access to Rovinj (Little Venice) and its colourful houses, to the Brijuni archipelago as well as to Rijeka from where you can access the islands of Cres, KrK, Rab and Lošinj. You will also find in this region the most beautiful beaches of Croatia: the Verudela and Banjole beaches as well as the Fazana beach and its panorama on the Brijuni islands.

This region has been heavily influenced by Italy in the past and many people speak both Croatian and Italian. The names of Croatian cities on traffic signs are also displayed in both languages.




Favourable sailing conditions


Please note that in order to be able to skipper a boat in Croatia, the coastal permit is required. If you do not have a permit, you can nevertheless use the services of a professional skipper who will follow your cruise itinerary but can also suggest choice stopovers. On the weather side, the main winds in Croatia come from the Adriatic Sea and are generally favourable for sailing during the summer season from April to October. To choose the right marina and its different feet on the ground, there is nothing better than the ACI labelled ports which guarantee very good services with sanitary facilities, fittings and shops.


Which boat to choose for a rental in Croatia?


Hiring a catamaran in Croatia is particularly suitable for sailing to access the many islands along the coast and enjoy anchorage in preserved areas. We also offer boat hire in Croatia with skipper to accompany you in your navigation and make you discover the most beautiful islands of the Croatian archipelago! For daily rentals you can opt for a motor boat that offers more flexibility. Monohulls, catamarans, schooners, ketchs, junks, caïques.... Our fleet for hire in Croatia offers a wide variety of models, with nautical bases all along the Adriatic coast.


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