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Succumb to the advantages of motorboat rental!


Do you want to take to the open sea and set sail? Whether it's for one week or much longer, find out how to rent a motorboat easily with Filovent. Simple and intuitive, booking a boat has never been easier.


For your first sailing experience, motorised boats will be perfect for you. They are easier to manoeuver than sailing boats and offer a different feeling of speed. The propulsion is exclusively provided by one or more engines, which makes it possible to cover long distances more quickly. On the other hand, the shallow draught makes it easier to navigate in shallow waters and will allow you to dock in areas that are difficult for a sailing boat to access.


As far as regulations are concerned, all sea trips with a boat whose engine power exceeds 6 HP will require a boating licence. You should also keep in mind that depending on the model of motorboat, fuel consumption can vary greatly.


So, to satisfy your desires with a semi-rigid boat, open-hull boat, day-cruiser, cabin-cruiser or even a speedboat, discover our wide range for your next sea trip. Do you like water sports? We have thought of everything, you will be able to benefit from numerous water sports such as towed buoys, water skiing or wakeboarding for the pleasure of all.




A wide choice of destinations


From the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean, via the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, not forgetting the Baltic Sea, motorboat rental adapts to your desires. The Filovent fleet is present in all four corners of the world to offer you its services. Whether you want to go for one day or one week, we have what you need!


In-board or out-board motorisation?


There are two types of motorisation for a motorboat: "in-board" and "out-board". In the first case, the engine is located inside the boat, it can be in a hold or in the engine room. Also, the rudder and transmission and other equipment are located in the hull of the boat. Therefore, none of this equipment is visible on the boat. In contrast, in the out-board, the engine, transmission and rudder are compact and located at the rear of the boat.


The different types of motorboats


Categories of motorboats are numerous and it's sometimes difficult to differentiate. To help you, the Filovent team offers you a description of the different types of boats we offer. So, motorised boats will no longer be a mystery to you!


Semi-rigid boats - inflatable boats

The semi-rigid boat can be soft-bottomed or semi-rigid, as its name suggests. It has inflatable bladders also called floats. In most cases, the semi-rigid boat is used as a dinghy. Its motorisation system is out-board.




Open-hull boats

The open-hull boat is a boat with an open deck and no cabin. It is perfectly suited for a day of coastal sailing. As with semi-rigid boats, it has an out-board motor.



The day-cruiser is a motorboat with a small cabin, a bathroom and a kitchenette. This type of boat is very pleasant for a day trip to enjoy the sun. Depending on the model, its motorisation may be out-board or in-board.



The cabin-cruiser is a kind of in-between boat. Similar to day-cruisers, the cabin for resting is much larger and more comfortable. It has sunbathing areas, either in the front or at the rear of the boat, depending on the model. This type of boat can measure between 7 and 14 metres, for the largest, classified as a yacht. It is suitable for coastal navigation and for a few days cruising. Its motorisation system is generally in-board but it is not rare to see out-boards.




The speedboat is a boat known for its optimum comfort, comprised of one or more cabins and a spacious living area. It is perfectly suited for a comfortable cruise. The motorisation of this type of boat is in-board to ensure power and speed.


FAQ: Filovent answers you!


Which motorboat to rent? 

Choosing your motorboat rental is very important. To do this, Filovent takes into account each of your criteria: number of people on-board, number of days, date of stay, port of departure… As soon as you have filled in your criteria, we will propose the boats that correspond to you. All you have to do is request a quote, 100% personalised <0>, from our specialised consultants.


Renting a motorboat: at what price? 

Because our range of motorboats is so wide, the price of your rental depends on the criteria mentioned above. If you wish to spend a romantic weekend and discover the French Riviera, at the end of May, we propose a boat from €414 for 2 days. If you prefer to go with friends, at the beginning of July, you can find boats available from La Rochelle starting at €4,450 per week, for 6 people.


motorboat rental


Mandatory fees are added to these prices such as cleaning and fuel consumption. In addition, to guarantee the safety of all, a deposit will be required, as well as your boating licence and Id card. Depending on the model, you can also add extras; towed buoy, accessories for water skiing and wakeboarding… So, whatever your wishes, we do our best to make sure you have an unforgettable time with your motorboat rental.


What about the motorboat market?

Motorboat construction has been experiencing strong growth for several years. Indeed, more and more boats are being sold and exports are increasing all over the world. According to a report published by the Nautical Industries Federation (FIN), three out of every four boats sold are motorboats. Moreover, in 2016, the overall turnover in this sector amounted to more than 369 million Euro, almost 20% more than the previous year, in 2015. Of these 369 million Euro, 70.5% were for export.

France's great capacity for innovation is its main asset in the marine industry. It is important to know that throughout the last twenty years, the rate of investment in the industry was higher than that of the manufacturing industry. This has led to an increase in employment in this sector as well as in the workforce, which is necessary to maintain good levels of research and development.


Is it possible to rent a motorboat for the day?

Motorboat rental by the day is possible with Filovent. Simply go to the special "day trip" section, and you can take advantage of our many motorboat models to go sailing for a day!


Motorboat rental with Filovent: feedback


Many holidaymakers have entrusted Filovent for their motorboat rental. To give you a taste of what your holiday could be like, discover some of our customer feedback. The French Mediterranean, Croatia, Italy, and Greece are our flagship destinations, particularly appreciated by rental companies.


Croatia has been very successful for a few years now. The Flyer 550 Sun Deck, one of our best motorboats, was rented for 6 days in the port of Zadar for just €805. Another of our customers opted for the famous Flipper 640 DC, more luxurious, for a full week from Zadar, also for €1,062.


Flipper 640 Dc


Every year, Greece is a huge success with tourists from all over the world, especially during the high season from June to August. One of our most loyal customers trusted us to rent the motorboat Seafighter One, for 12 days, for a total value of €15,990, departing from Naxos.


Italy is also very popular with tourists because of its many culturally rich cities and unusual places to sail. A Mar Sea SP 100 seduced our customers for a 7-day rental, at the end of July, from Punta Ala in Tuscany, for €1300.


Whatever your wishes, you will find the motorboat to suit you. The Filovent team remains at your disposal. All you have to do is click!

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