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Divided over two thousand lakes, covered in their three quarters of boreal forest and surrounded by more than 6,500 islands, Finland enjoys a unique landscape. In winter, covered with a thick coat of snow, hypnotized by aurora borealis of the polar night, the country offers a calm and silent fascination. The return of light and the endless days of summer transform the whole country: the nature comeback to its blue and green colors, and it born smiles on the faces of these people shaped by their history and their constant contact with nature. The life quality in Finland is exceptional. Cities emerge from the heart of the forest, the edge of lakes, in gentle and ventilated places, and the Finns cultivate a privileged bond with the omnipresent nature. Hiking, water sports, fishing, winter sports… behold what occupies their weekends. 
When nights are long in Finland (and can be very, very long), we can do much more than stay close to the fireplace with one or two vodkas. We can ski on vast and ice lakes or relax in a sauna, gently rubbing the body with a bunch of birch leaf scented to eliminate traces of the journey. During the month that midnight sun dominates, coastal regions, including the Turku and the islands of Aland, is the paradise of sailing and fishing.

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