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Australia - our advices for your cruise

One of the largest continents in the world, with the immensity of the Pacific Ocean on one side and the deep, blue waters of the Indian Ocean on the other, Australia is a land full of contrast that you can explore from an exciting new angle whilst on a sailing holiday. Our boat hire centres in Australia are based in Sydney and on the Whitsunday islands

A truly magical destination, Australia offers a once in a lifetime dream to visitors, who wish to sail her seas and to explore her exceptional marinescapes that are considered to be some of the most beautiful in the world. To the Northwest of the continent lies the world famous Great Barrier Reef, with her array of bright colours that nestle under her turquoise waters. With the Whitsunday archipelago only a short distance away, it is the perfect location from which to explore her corals during a day out snorkeling. The austral summertime is the best time for a sailing holiday, when the seas are calmer, sailing conditions milder and the sea, therefore, more easy to navigate.

To the Southeast lies Sydney Harbouran equally stunning site to visit when sailing along the Australian coast. Enjoy historic monuments such as the world famous Sydney Opera House and the panoramic views from the Harbour Bridge, as well as admire her impressive cliff-lined shores.

And, for those of you who plan to cross the Bass Strait that separates Australia from Tasmania, be prepared for some tougher sailing conditions; it is, therefore, highly recommended to keep on top of the real-time shipping forecast.

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