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Well-kept secret of the Lesser Antilles, the islands of Anguilla is a haven surrounded on all sides by white sand beaches, horizons with sometimes spectacular rock formations and a lush environment in a subtropical climate to dream. Diving enthusiasts and ornithologists will certainly make their favorite spot.

Covering an area of ''102 km2, the islands of Anguilla, the overseas UK territory, is located 8 km north of the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean Sea. Its main island, Anguilla, where the capital is located, The Valley, is only 26 km long and 5 km at its widest part. The archipelago also includes islands such as Sandy Island, Dog Island, Prickley Pear Cays, Scrub Island and Sombrero Island. Its population speaks English and Creole, is a community of about 15,000 residents.

The Valley, the capital, is the only urban, commercial and governmental importance of the islands of Anguilla agglomeration. In recent years, The Valley facelift here and there by erecting modern and welcoming tourist infrastructure. Shops and restaurants are competing colonial architecture that is pleasant to contemplate during a walk in the town.

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