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Luxury yacht charter with crew


Synonymous with luxury and social cruises, the yacht remains above all a boat highly appreciated for its elegance and marine performance. A perfect combination of luxury and comfort, the yacht offers an incomparable living space on board for cruisers in search of discovery and change of scenery. At Filovent, a wide range of motor yachts are offered by the world's leading shipyards to provide you with a customisable and unique cruising experience. Quality boats and a wide choice of destinations to suit all traveller profiles… Don't hesitate any longer and take to the sea, your tailor-made yacht charter offer is waiting for you, to spend a memorable moment with family or friends!


Yacht Blue MagicYacht Blue Magic


The advantages of a crewed yacht charter


A wide choice of destinations

From the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean to the Caribbean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, the yacht charter fits absolutely every sailing space in the world. Thanks to the power of its engines, the yacht is particularly suitable for long cruises. In order to escape the winter dreariness, Europeans usually sail to exotic destinations to enjoy the winter sun, such as the West Indies.


Customisable cruise: unparalleled freedom and flexibility

When you make your reservation, you will be asked to fill out a form regarding your general expectations and preferences during the cruise, all subjects combined (itinerary and stopovers, culinary preferences, desired activities etc…), in order to be able to organise your tailor-made stay by carefully respecting each of your expectations. Rest assured, your wish list is not fixed, it can evolve throughout your stay, even while sailing. For example, you are free to stay longer at an anchorage and to change your stopover plans at the last minute, always taking into account the kind advice of the captain and the crew who accompany you in this unique and memorable experience. Chartering a crewed yacht is to have the certainty of spending a cruise at your own pace, along the water, fully customisable to your every desire.


Equipment and activities adaptable to your profile

As well suited to business events as to leisure, the motor yacht rental has the advantage of being accompanied by all the necessary amenities, fully adaptable to all types of needs. Are you a water sports enthusiast who wants to experience the thrill of a jet ski, a businessman who never stays away from his conference room for too long, a gym bunny who never leaves her gym, or a spa lover who loves to relax in a bubbling Jacuzzi? The different models of yachts available for rent are perfectly adapted to all profiles of holidaymakers, by offering tailor-made equipment and activities. For leisure activities, you will find on-board equipment such as jet skis, water skis, diving and fishing equipment. On the business side, the largest yachts provide conference rooms and sufficient space for the organisation of conventions, business meals and seminars.


Jet ski cruising on a motor yachtJet ski cruising on a motor yacht


A cruise in complete confidentiality and serenity

Out in the open sea, a yacht charter will enable you to share convivial moments of quality with your closest family and friends, with the greatest of intimacy, far from the tourist crowds and worries of everyday life. You also have a crew at your care but discreet, which is entirely dedicated to you throughout your stay. In short, the yachts have perfectly organised spaces that can be easily juggled between privacy and conviviality, according to your wishes.


A chef just for you

Another advantage of chartering a crewed yacht is the presence of a private chef on-board throughout your cruise. Indeed, no need to rack your brains to find innovative and original meal ideas and spend hours in the kitchen to satisfy your family or friends' taste buds. And yes, a crewed yacht charter includes a cook on board who will be at your service to satisfy your wildest culinary desires. According to your preferences, the chef will adapt to your tastes and concoct tasty dishes made from fresh and quality products, which will delight young and old alike throughout the navigation.


An exceptional crew for an excellent service

The crewed yacht charter with Filovent most often includes a captain, deckhands, cook and stewards/hostesses on-board. In addition to the comfort and luxury of the boat, a crewed yacht charter is characterised by its high quality service delivered by qualified professionals. A friendly crew available at all times and attentive to the needs of cruise passengers, but who know how to remain courteous and discreet. In short, you will have the chance to sail alongside an exceptional and benevolent crew that will offer you a perfect balance between availability and discretion.


The different types of yachts


Sport cruisers or flybridge cruisers

Of the "Mediterranean" type, they are less than 18 metres long and are particularly suitable for day or relatively short cruises. They are easily manoeuverable by one or two people. In terms of design, these are compact models with elegant and sporty lines, that will appeal to a wide range of people.


Luxury motor yachts

Spacious, stable and comfortable, the luxury motor yachts measure around 24 metres and are designed mainly for families and large groups. In addition, they contain entertainment and water sports equipment to delight young and old alike in the open sea.


Yacht Absolute 60 FlyYacht Absolute 60 Fly


The super yachts

With a length of more than 30 metres, super yachts enjoy various luxury amenities (Jacuzzi, cinemas…) as well as audio-visual equipment for entertainment and water sports.


The mega yachts

The mega yachts are over 50 metres in length and represent the ultimate in luxury at every level: space, amenities and facilities (cinemas, spas, pools, gym…). Mega yachts are suitable for large groups and XL families. In summer, they are most often found in the Mediterranean, while in winter, thanks to their transatlantic autonomy, they are more often found in the Caribbean and in the Persian Gulf.


FAQ: Filovent answers you!


Which yacht to rent?

How do you properly choose your charter yacht? Depending on your wishes and needs, a certain number of criteria will naturally guide your choice of yacht: the number of people, the number of cabins required, the type of navigation envisaged, your average budget, the activities planned on-board, the type of accommodation, the comfort desired, the level of service expected or any other requirements. It is important to choose a "practical" yacht equipped to fit your specific cruising needs. Between sport cruisers or flybridge cruisers, luxury motor yachts, super yachts or mega yachts, there is bound to be a yacht model that suits you!


Chartering a yacht with crew: at what price?

The range of prices for a yacht charter is very wide depending on the size of the boat, the equipment, the layout, the comfort and the service provided on board. Prices are higher than traditional boat rentals, which justify a luxury cruise that is 100% customised and personalised according to the profile of the holidaymakers.

For a weekly yacht charter with Filovent, prices range from €15,000 excl. VAT for the most modest yachts, to €550,000 excl. VAT for the most luxurious yachts. Note that you have to add to this price the VAT as well as the APA (Allocation Provisoire d'Avitaillement), corresponding to a sum of money paid to the captain of the boat which is intended to cover the expenses related to the operation of the boat during the cruise: food, fuel, port tax, berth etc… In general, according to the owners, the APA represents 25 to 30% of the total price of the rental.

For the record, the most expensive yacht charter in the world goes to the spectacular Flying Fox, built in 2019 by the German shipyard Lürssen for 600 million Euro. You will have to spend 4 million dollars a week to be able to sail on-board this 136 metre-long sumptuous yacht. A 12-metre pool, a 400 m2 spa, 11 cabins that can accommodate up to 25 people, noble materials, ever more innovative equipment… an extraordinary cruise experience only available to lucky EuroMillions winners!


Which manufacturers are leaders in the yacht market?

Despite fierce competition, Italy confirms its position as world leader in yacht building. In fact, the Italians proudly rank first among European manufacturers and second worldwide, just behind the United States. From 2010 to 2018, yacht exports increased by up to 84%, a meteoric growth. Italy is in fact the world's leading exporter of yachts and super yachts. Known for its tradition and luxurious finishes, Italy alone accounts for more than 45.7% of the world's super yacht production. Among the Italian shipyards recognised worldwide are: Azimut Yachts, Ferretti, Aicon Yachts, Gianetti Yachts, Sanlorenzo Yachts and Absolute Yachts.



In the United Kingdom, the most famous shipyards for the construction of motor yachts are Sunseeker and Princess. While Sea Ray and Hargrave are the American leaders.


Is it possible to rent a yacht by the day?

In low season only, some owners allow holidaymakers to rent a yacht by the day, but this remains very rare, however.


Which destinations?

Among the world's most popular destinations for yacht cruises, the four corners of the world are represented. The Mediterranean has the wind in its sails with its many destinations that lend themselves perfectly to the crewed yacht charter, including: the French Riviera (Cannes, Monaco and Saint-Tropez), Corsica and Sardinia, Italy, Sicily, Spain, Greece, Croatia, or the Cyclades archipelago in Greece. In the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, the Bahamas and its 700 islands and islets are the most popular with cruisers. In the Caribbean Sea, the Grenadine Islands in Martinique and the Leeward Islands in French Polynesia are the two most exotic destinations for charter yacht cruises. The Indian Ocean also offers a pleasant sailing area for tourists, such as Phuket in Thailand. Although offering a completely different cruising atmosphere from the Mediterranean countries, the Nordic countries also appeal to a minority of adventurous holidaymakers, notably the Svalbard archipelago in Norway.


Yacht charter with Filovent: feedback


Many holidaymakers have trusted Filovent for their yacht charter. We have listed for you the most beautiful rentals of the last four years. Rentals that attest to the quality of the motorboat models, the diversity of the owners, the flexibility of the budgets and the variety of the destinations we offer. The French Mediterranean, Italy, Greece and Spain are our flagship destinations, particularly appreciated by boaters.


Thanks to the variety of its sailing areas and the beauty of its Mediterranean landscapes, Italy is a huge success with boaters every year during the high season, from June to August in particular. The yacht Airon 388 was chartered for 4 days from Palermo with the ship owner Sealife, for a total of €3492. Very famous in the world of yachts, a Ferretti 630 from BS Yachting seduced our customers for a 2-day charter from Punta Ala in Tuscany, for €5108. And the yacht Prestige 46 Fly was also rented for 10 days in Cannigione, Sardinia, with Free Charter, for €15,140. In Italy this time, as part of a 4-day cruise in Sardinia in August, from Portisco to Alghero, one of our loyal customers trusted us to rent the yacht Pegasus 80, a stay worth a total of €15,280.


Yacht Miss TerYacht Miss Ter


Home to the jet set and luxury, the Côte d'Azur, with its contrasting landscapes, attracts thousands of yachtsmen every summer to sail in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Last year, for example, in 2019, we are very proud to have rented the famous yacht Aicon 72 SL at €12,000 for 2 days in May, departing from Nice, as part of a cruise in the French Mediterranean, via the ship owner Arthaud Yachting. Although uncertain in terms of tourism, the year 2020 has still brought us some nice surprises, including the charter of the superb yacht Miss Ter from Cannes for a 14-day cruise in the French Mediterranean in July, for a total of €157,500.

But Greece and Spain are not left out! Among our finest motor yacht charters in Greece is the sumptuous Bugari F100 (5 cabins) for a one-week cruise in the Cyclades, departing from Paros, for a total of €54,188. In August 2018, Mykonos Yachting's Aicon 72 hardtop was chartered for 14 days, again from Paros, for a total of €72,500. In Spain, the Princess V65 yacht from Marine Charter was chartered for a week and a half during the summer period, for a cruise in the Balearic Islands, departing from Menorca, at a value of €45,984.


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