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Licence-free riverboat and houseboat rental

Navigating down calm rivers: the relaxing way to discover the impressive architecture and authentic beauty of the mythical towns of France, the Czech Republic or England. Filovent offers license-free boat rental for an enjoyable and stress-free holiday experience. A license is not a requirement when renting river boats, a useful fact, particularly if you’re planning a intimate family canal holiday. River tourism is without doubt an activity everyone can enjoy.

But if you’re floating down the winding rivers past picturesque villages on the Midi canal, for example, make sure that your barge isn’t more than 15 m long and that its speed isn’t more than 12 km/hr. Apart from that, budding yachtsmen will be pleased to hear that it’s not necessary to have any prior steering experience in order to hire a boat without a license. Couples looking for a romantic voyage on the Bourgogne canal will experience an unforgettable holiday thanks to the intimateness a barge offers. Equally, families will love the opportunity to picnic in the great outdoors or snooze in the cosy cabins.

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