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Puerto Rico or Puerto Rico is a free associated state in the U.S. with commonwealth status . Located in the Greater Antilles , the island is bordered to the north by the Atlantic Ocean and to the south by the Caribbean Sea .

The territory consists of the island of Puerto Rico itself, as well as several smaller islands , including Vieques , Culebra and Isla Mona .

Only Culebra and Vieques are inhabited permanently. This is especially as the angle of the Bermuda Triangle .

The island of Puerto Rico is a major tourist destination in the Caribbean , among others because of its administrative attachment to the United States , the procedures for access are the same as them. In addition , the climate is constant throughout the year with temperatures ranging from 15 to 35 ° C.

The capital, San Juan, founded in 1521, has a rich history . It is the principal place of attraction of the island , including the old city built by the Spaniards. It has many historic buildings ( forts, churches , etc. . ) And some museums.

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