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Why should you rent your boat with Filovent?

Sailing through the sea and go on a cruise with a chartered boat for few days or for few weeks is an adventure to live fully, in total tranquility, without any worries. So why Filovent?

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Tenants - Sail around the world

  1. Discover our site for the search of your perfect cruise. You can search by type of boat (monohull, catamaran, motor boats, little boats, houseboat, yachts, etc.), boat type, by destination, budget or service, you will find the offer that suits you in a few clicks.
  2. Look at the relevant information such as reviews, availability, equipment, photos and make sure you make the right choice.
  3. If you can't make a decision, or if you want more informations, a consultant will contact you with all the necessary assistance.
  4. Do your reservation securely and take some advice from our experts to be able to start your cruise in peace.

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Owners - Rent and lease your boat

  1. Add your boat and you propose to rent it on our catalog and benefit of a personalized service. All kinds of boats are welcome: rigid, catamaran, yacht, houseboat, sailing boat or a motor boat.
  2. Enjoy the Filovent experience that made sailing more than 25,000 people. CV nautical, consultant at your disposal, visibility guaranteed: trust a company recognized in the world of sailing.
  3. When your boat will be booked, one of our consultants will contact you and you will decide whether or not to rent it and its price.

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