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Photo of the crew sunbathing on the boat

Itinerary for a one-week cruise from Lavrio to the Cyclades

Nicolas Susinilinkedin Nicolas Susini

Editor for Filovent magazine. "Having spent my childhood in Corsica by the sea, I was able to sail very often in the Lavezzi Islands; so I join Filovent to share my passion for sailing!"

"It was a really great cruise! The crystal clear water, the small lonely bays and the typical Greek harbour towns - everything was beautiful. Our skipper took us to magical places!"

At the beginning of July 2023, Mathieu and his crew decided to do a Boat Rental in the Cyclades from Lavrio on board a Lagoon 400 S2. In this article you will learn more about their route through the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades and the highlights of her cruise!

  1. A family cruise in the Cyclades with a skipper 
  2. The Lagoon 400 S2, a spacious and comfortable catamaran 
  3. The route from Lavrio
  4. The most beautiful anchorages and best memories of the cruise

A family cruise in the Cyclades with a skipper

“We went with two families. Me and my wife with our two children and a couple of friends with their two children”, Mathieu tells me after returning from his cruise. For a family holiday, sailing in Greece was a no brainer: "It is a paradise destination that made us dream with the many islands, warm water and beautiful sailing conditions. So it was a perfect destination for a rather family-friendly programme. This allowed us to realise quite short travel times for the children."

Discover our most beautiful sailing areas in Greece

As the two families had no sailing experience, they were accompanied on the trip by a local skipper. A decision they did not regret, Mathieu tells me: "He adjusted his itinerary and suggested things depending on what programme we wanted, he was very flexible, so it was very pleasant."

It was a real moment of exchange between the skipper and the two families. Knowing Greece and the Cyclades very well, he was able to show them secret and hidden anchorages that were beautiful. It was also a pleasure for him to take the whole crew to the places that are close to his heart.

Children playing near the boat
Bathing children around the boat (Source: Mathieu)

The Lagoon 400 S2, a spacious and comfortable catamaran

The ship they had chosen for this cruise in Greece was a Lagoon 400 S2. It is a 2018 catamaran with six cabins and room for up to twelve people. It is a versatile boat with good sailing characteristics and a length of almost 12 metres.

Mathieu thinks it is a perfect ship for family cruises: "A modern boat, very comfortable and spacious, really very pleasant to sail with the family. You could say that it is a kind of luxury motorhome of the seas".

This catamaran is therefore perfect for those who are looking for a boat not primarily for its performance, but rather for its comfort and safety: "The cabins were great, very spacious and the many lounging areas on the Roof or in the bow were very good for relaxing."

Lagoon 400 S2
The Lagoon 400 S2 (Source: Adobe Stock)

One week sailing route from Lavrio

Embarkation in Lavrio 

Day 1 : Lavrio → Paralia Kolona, Kythnos (24 nautical miles, 4 hours) 

Day 2 : Paralia Kolona → Kini Beach, Syros (26 nautical miles, 4 hours) 

Day 3 : Kini Beach → Naoussa, Paros → Nisida Glaropounta, Antiparos (35 nautical miles, 5 hours) 

Day 4 : Nisida Glaropounta → Platys Gialos, Sifnos → Paralia Vathy, Sifnos (24 nautical miles, 4 hours) 

Day 5 : Paralia Vathy → Paralia Megalo Livadi, Serifos (19 nautical miles, 3 hours) 

Day 6 : Paralia Megalo Livadi → Paralia Kolona (24 nautical miles, 4 hours) 

Day 7 : Paralia Kolona → Lavrio (24 nautical miles, 4 hours) 

Going ashore in Lavrio

Clickable map route
Weekly itinerary from Lavrio (Clickable map)

Day 1: Lavrio → Paralia Kolona, Kythnos (24 nautical miles, 4 hours)

On Saturday afternoon, the crew will depart from the port of Lavrio on's boat, a small port town located 60 kilometres southeast of Athens. Lavrio is relatively easy to reach from the capital, both by public transport and by car.

The two families then set course for the island Kythnos, their first stopover. They spend the late afternoon and night at anchor in Ormos Kolona. "It was an extraordinary place with a strip of sand in the middle and the turquoise sea on either side. A fabulous place!" Mathieu explained. This anchorage is not only known for its unique location, but also for its tranquil setting and turquoise waters where you can relax and enjoy the magical surroundings. This bay is an absolute must for every Cycladic sailor.

Anchorage Kolona
Aerial view of the Kolona anchorage (Source: Adobe Stock)

Day 2: Paralia Kolona → Kini Beach, Syros (26 nautical miles, 4 hours)

After this first night the crew weighs anchor in the direction of the island Syros. They anchor in Kini Beach, a charming bay with a beautiful sandy beach that provides a picturesque backdrop for relaxing. 

The two families then have dinner at a local restaurant called Aeriko, which is located directly on the beach. In this charming Mediterranean restaurant, you can enjoy excellent local Greek cuisine while admiring the magnificent view of the entire bay. During the afternoon, take advantage of the water sports activities, but also visit the small village of Kini, with beautiful colourful buildings reminiscent of the architecture of the Cyclades region. "We did a lot of swimming around the boat, we had taken the underwater scooter for the kids, they loved it! We also did snorkelling and paddling so it was a really great day." They also spend the night at this anchorage before continuing the next day.

Anchorage at Kini Beach
Anchorage at Kini Beach (Source: Adobe Stock)

Day 3: Kini Beach → Naoussa, Paros → Nisida Glaropounta, Antiparos (35 nautical miles, 5 hours)

On this third day, the two families set off quite early and head for the famous island of Paros, a must-see in the Cyclades and Greece in general. The crew anchors in the harbour of Naoussa and spend the day exploring the island. Naoussa is a charming fishing village, appreciated by tourists for its festive mood and atmosphere, with numerous bars, tavernas or discos.

From this beautiful village Mathieu and his friends rent Quads to make the most of their day on the island. This allowed them to get off the beaten track and explore places that are not necessarily accessible by conventional means of transport. For example, they were able to visit the island's ancient quarries, which have beautiful remains. "This quad excursion was a unique break from the stay, the children had a lot of fun.", Mathieu tells me.

The highlight of the day remains the visit to the village in Paros, which gave the island its name. This picturesque village was Mathieu's favourite place during his stay. He enjoyed the day between relaxation and discovery: "A typical Cycladic village with the beautiful beaches and the white houses, it was really exceptional!" This island is also a good supply point, it has many supermarkets, grocery shops and boutiques and made it very easy for our crew to stock up on supplies. 

At the end of the day, the two families in Naoussa take the boat again to spend the night on the neighbouring island of Antiparos, "the little sister of Paros" to spend the night. They anchor in Nisida Glaropounta, "a magical and very quiet secret anchorage". Mathieu tells me. 

Hafen von Naoussa auf der Insel Paros
The port of Naoussa on the island of Paros (Source: Mathieu)

Day 4: Nisida Glaropounta → Platys Gialos, Sifnos → Paralia Vathy, Sifnos (24 nautical miles, 4 hours)

In the morning, the crew continues its journey through the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades, setting course for the island of Sifnos, which is mainly known for its gastronomy and its numerous churches. In the afternoon, they anchor in a hidden, very quiet bay called Platys Gialos, an ideal place to swim and laze around after a busy day on Paros the day before. 

At the end of the day they sail to the famous anchorage of Paralia Vathy, a beautiful bay with crystal clear water surrounded by green hills. It is a true paradise for nature lovers. You spend the evening in this beautiful bay and have dinner in a small taverna by the sea to enjoy the excellent local Greek cuisine.

Platys Gialos Anchorage on Sifnos
Aerial view of the Platys Gialos anchorage (Source: Adobe Stock)

Day 5: Paralia Vathy → Paralia Megalo Livadi ,Serifos (19 nautical miles, 3 hours)

On this fifth day, as the crew began their gradual ascent to Lavrio, they did not sail for long and decided to anchor on the island of Lavrio. Serifos, known for its unspoilt landscapes and authentic atmosphere. 

More precisely, they anchor in Paralia Megalo Livadi, a beautiful, hidden bay with a picturesque beach. At this stopover, the adults can relax in a tranquil atmosphere and the children can snorkel and paddle all afternoon in the beautiful crystal clear waters of the bay. As this anchorage is particularly famous for its sunsets, both families take this opportunity to spend the evening on Serifos admiring the beautiful sky.

Sunset on the island of Serifos
Sunset from the island of Serifos (Source: Mathieu)

Day 6: Paralia Megalo Livadi → Paralia Kolona (24 nautical miles, 4 hours)

On this sixth day, the group continued their ascent to Lavrio and decided to once again stay in Paralia Kolona, qualified by Mathieu as best anchorage of the stay. "It was another great day at this anchorage! On this day my friend Tuankonnte was able to do a lot of windfoil, he loves that and it was very good conditions." This well-protected place has a sandy beach and is very pleasant to stay overnight.

Crew member windfoiling around Kolona
Windsurfing around the anchorage Kolona (Source: Mathieu)

Day 7: Paralia Kolona → Lavrio (24 nautical miles, 4 hours)

Both families weigh anchor in the early morning and return to the Lavrio back to return the boat. It may be worthwhile to visit the town to complete the stay. Lavrio offers very beautiful cultural riches such as the Temple of Poseidon or the Theatre of Thorikos. Although it is not a big tourist magnet in Greece, a visit to Lavrio is a very nice way to learn more about the history of the region and to get to know the country from a lesser known side.

Ruins at the archaeological site of Lavrio
Archaeological site of Lavrio (Source: Mathieu)

Highlights and memories of the seafaring

The two families had a very nice stay and enjoyed their cruise very much. They were amazed by the beauty and diversity of the Greek islands and have many fond memories of the trip. Whether picturesque bays or idyllic villages of the region. The days were filled and exciting with sailing, swimming, lounging and cultural visits. 

For Mathieu, it is even difficult to pick a highlight of the cruise, as both families have so many wonderful memories: "Everything was really beautiful, that's what stands out. It's hard to pick one particular memory, but if I had to choose one, I would name our anchorages in Kolona. It's such a special anchorage, really exceptional and the kids had a lot of fun."

Best memories of the crew
Some sailing memories of the crew (Source: Mathieu)


I would like to thank Mathieu for his great feedback and sharing his beautiful photos!

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