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Belonging to the category of multihull boats, catamarans are renowned for their excellent comfort, impressive design and sailing performance. These boats, known for their luxury, are also very popular among those who love to go on sea cruises. It is little wonder that these models are so popular with recreational boaters, especially as offers on catamarans are particularly reasonable.

If you want to take a cruise with family or friends, you will be able to enjoy the comfort and space offered aboard a catamaran. All crew members, including children, will have no trouble finding their place in the fully-equipped living space and secure multihull. A 40-foot boat can accommodate from 8 to even 10 people, in conditions of optimum comfort.

Easy to manoeuvre on the high seas, but also in the mooring areas, this cruiser is also popular for its good stability while sailing; a quality that also has the advantage of helping to acclimatize non-frequent travellers on board.

So, renting a catamaran is the perfect recipe for a memorable cruise, especially in the warm seas surrounding exotic destinations.

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