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Rent a catamaran for comfort and 'space


Who among us has never dreamed of escaping to idyllic scenery to take time for a cruise on-board a catamaran rental with or without skipper? Between comfort, stability, practicality, ease of manoeuvering, and performance... Discover all the advantages of a catamaran and embark on an extraordinary adventure. 


Comfort and living space


If you want to cruise with your family or friends, you will undoubtedly be seduced by the comfort and living space you will enjoy aboard a catamaran rental. All crew members, including children, will quickly find their place in the well-equipped and secure living space of the multi-hull boat and its many cabins.

As the living space is spread over two hulls, the deck area at the front is larger than on a mono-hull (one hull) boat. Many models have a trampoline in the front on which you can relax and enjoy the sun. Another advantage of a catamaran rental is the space available in the saloon and cockpit.

In terms of privacy, the cabins are located within the two hulls and separated from the rest areas and the kitchen, making life easier for passengers on-board during a cruise. You can also opt for a rental catamaran with skipper and hostess for even more comfort on-board and to count on the support and advice of a professional crew during your navigation.


Lagoon 52 S
Lagoon 52 S


Feel free to check out our virtual tours to convince yourself of the quality of life on-board a catamaran rental.


Ease of manoeuvering and stability


Easy to manoeuver on the open sea, but also in anchorages, a catamaran rental is, moreover, highly appreciated for its good stability during its movements, a quality that also has the advantage of favouring the acclimatisation of beginners on-board the boat. This is because catamarans are not subject to the same heel as mono-hull sailing boats, in other words, they do not tilt to one side while sailing, synonymous with less tiring crossings on-board a catamaran rental for people who are seasick.

The catamaran's shallow draught makes it easy to anchor close to the coast and to return to port, providing additional sailing comfort that will allow you to sail and anchor in shallow waters. Important information to fully enjoy your cruise on-board your catamaran rental by finding small, intimate, and secluded coves, far from mass tourism. The two engines at the rear also facilitate manoeuvers and take over when there is no wind.

Catamaran rental with skipper will allow you to embark on your first experience on-board a multi-hull boat. If you have the necessary experience to skipper a catamaran, you can take the helm! It will be easier to accommodate the skipper thanks to the space provided by the catamaran's saloon, so don't worry about maintaining your private space!


A great ally for a cruise in the sun


Catamaran rental with or without skipperis particularly suitable for holidays with family or friends. Its living area as well as the equipment on-board (stand-up paddle, windsurf, kayak…) will allow you to spend pleasant moments in idyllic settings.


Catamaran cruise in Greece
Catamaran cruise in Greece


Several destinations are particularly recommended for catamaran sailing. In summer, catamaran rental in Corsica is very popular because of its wonderful coves and turquoise waters as well as its wild nature. Cruises in Greece, Croatia, and Spain are also very popular with boaters. If you prefer exoticism and islands, go sailing in the West Indiesor the Seychelles on-board a catamaran rental with or without skipper; perfect destinations for travellers looking to escape the winter and enjoy the Indian summer on their cruise.


The performance is not to be outdone


In terms of performance, the catamaran is not to be outdone. The greater the waterline length of the boat, the better its performance in terms of speed. In addition, multi-hull boats are not weighted by a lead keel unlike mono-hull boats, which enables them to be faster downwind for the same size.

Some catamaran builders have focused on performance in order to design faster models. The shipyard Catana thus offers catamarans combining performance and comfort on board, each model is "customised" according to the expectations of the future owner and benefits from the builder's unique expertise.

The Lagoon and Fountaine Pajot shipyards also offer complete models that can fit any budget.

Filovent offers a wide range of catamarans for rent with or without skipper worldwide. A customised offer, perfectly adapted to your needs. 


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