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Filovent : specialist in tailor-made cruises in Egypt

"Very comfortable Dahabieh, excellent food, very interesting guided tours, helpful and friendly staff. This cruise on the Nile was magical, I recommend it! "

Paul, departed in April on a dahabieh from Esna.

Egypt is a cultural destination not to be missed, offering a perfect blend of relaxation, discovery and desert landscapes. Sailing aboard a dahabieh will plunge you back into history and give you the chance to discover numerous sites along the Nile. Several itineraries are available from Esna, where you embark on an unforgettable cruise. We recommend that you leave between November and April to take advantage of the best temperatures.



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29 cruises found

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29 cruises found

Egypt in Dahabieh

On board the: Roi Farouk

Departure: Egypt
The: 05 Nov 2023 - other dates

Nile cruise between Esna and Aswan

On board the: Dahabieh

Departure: Egypt
The: 05 Nov 2023 - other dates

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From Aswan to Luxor in 3 days

On board the: Dahabiye

Departure: Egypt
The: 03 Nov 2023 - other dates

Along the Nile for 5 days

On board the: Naema El Kheir

Departure: Egypt
The: 05 Nov 2023 - other dates

Along the Nile for 6 days

On board the: Naema El Kheir

Departure: Egypt
The: 05 Nov 2023 - other dates

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  • Let's find together the best cruise thanks to our 25 years of experience
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Along the Nile for 8 days

On board the: Naema El Kher

Departure: Egypt
The: 04 Nov 2023 - other dates

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Egypt : 29 cruises found

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Filovent - Customer rating : 8.8 / 10
819 Reviews

A Dahabieh cruise on the Nile: Isabelle's personal experience, 10 days in Egypt

  By Laura Accault  Laura Accault

Editor for Filovent magazine. "A sunset aboard a sailboat is my definition of happiness. Joining Filovent has enabled me to combine my passion for travel and the sea."

"Everything was great, the boat, the meals, the tours... I highly recommend this experience, a dream come true!"(Isabelle, who went sailing on a Dahabieh departing fromEsna.)

Isabelle chose to spend her vacation aboard a Dahabieh! Setting off on her own, she opted for a 10-day itinerary in Egypt, visiting Cairo and Luxor before enjoying a 5-day cruise along the Nile!

Discover Egypt and its treasures through Isabelle's story and itinerary.

  1. Why travel to Egypt?
  2. When to go to Egypt for a Nile cruise?
  3. Discovering the cities of Cairo and Luxor
  4. The Nile cruise, 5 days on a Dahabieh
  5. Safety and practical information
dahabieh on the Nile
A traditional dahabieh on the Nile(Source: Adobe Stock)

Why travel to Egypt?

There are many reasons why you might want to consider holidays in Egypt:

Discover a rich cultural and historical heritage

Egypt is a country with a rich history and a fascinating cultural heritage. It is home to iconic sites such as the The Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Luxor temples and Karnak, the valleys of kings and queens and so on... These sites bear witness to a civilisation dating back thousands of years.

Adventures and discoveries

For the more adventurous, Egypt also offers a range of outdoor activities that combine relaxation and sightseeing. You can opt for a cruise on the Nile in a Dahabieh, as Isabelle decided to do. These all-inclusive cruises allow you to discover many sites in a whole new way.

For diving enthusiasts, go to the Red Sea, where you'll have the chance to discover its seabed. Here are a few dive sites that also include nature reserves:

  • Sharm el-Sheik: Ras Mohammed National Marine Park
  • Sha'ab El Erg and Sha'ab Abu Nuhas reefs
  • The Brothers National Park and Elphinstone and Daedalus reefs.

A different culture

Egyptian culture is rich and diverse, with delicious cuisine, traditional music and dance, bustling markets and great local hospitality. Travelling to Egypt will allow you to experience this unique and fascinating culture and meet some unforgettable people.

When to go to Egypt for a Nile cruise?

Although it's very hot in summer and milder in winter, the best time to visit Egypt can differ from region to region.

In general, the peak season for tourists is from November to February with mild temperatures and sunny days. This is the best time to visit tourist sites such as the Pyramids of Giza and Luxor, or to go on a cruise on the Nile. The temperatures make the visits more pleasant and the cruise more comfortable, as most of the boats are not equipped with air conditioning.

Spring and autumn, from March to May and September to October, are also good times to travel. The days are warm and the nights cooler. Isabelle, who left at the end of March, tells us that “the temperatures were high but the evenings were cooler and you needed a jacket.”

Finally, we advise against travelling insummer, from June to August, when temperatures can sometimes exceed 40°C, particularly in the south of the country. This period attracts fewer visitors, making tourist sights less crowded and prices lower.

Discovering the cities of Cairo and Luxor

Before embarking on your Nile cruise, we recommend that you devote a few days to visiting the cities of Cairo and Luxor. These cities have a vast historical heritage and many places of interest to visit.


After landing in Cairo, Isabelle was able to visit the Egyptian capital and its many attractions. Each district has its own identity, including the Coptic and Islamic quarters, as well as the Citadel and modern Cairo. Discover the New Egyptian Museum in Cairo which houses a large collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts, including the treasure of Tutankhamun. You can also visit Saladin's Citadeland Al-Azhar Park. Take a trip to the Khan El Khalili souk, the most famous market in the Middle East. Finally, head south of the city to visit the Saqqara necropolis, the largest necropolis in the Memphis region, where the first pharaohs were buried.

Just a few kilometres from Cairo are the famous Giza pyramids, the world's oldest tourist site. Three in number, they are the funerary monuments of Kheops, Khephren and Mykerinos - father, son and grandson. Pharaohs of the 4th dynasty, they ruled Egypt in the 3rd century BC and commissioned the construction of the pyramids. Of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the pyramid of Cheops is the only one to have survived.

Giza pyramids
Giza pyramids (Source: Adobe Stock)


After 2 days in Cairo, Isabelle flew to Luxor. At the heart of ancient Egypt, Luxor is full of treasures, including the Valleys of the Kings and Queens, which contain the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs of the New Kingdom and their wives and children, buried with their treasures. The most famous of all is that of Tutankhamun. In the Valley of the Queens, don't miss the tomb of Nefertiti, surely the most beautiful in the valley.

Not far away is the temple of Hatshepsut, the first and only female pharaoh of ancient Egypt. The temple, built on three levels at the foot of the limestone cliffs of the Deir el-Bahari valley, is considered to be the masterpiece of her existence, so much does it reflect her remarkable personality.

On the east side of the river are the temples of Karnak and Luxor. Karnak Temple is one of the best-preserved New Kingdom temples. Luxor Temple, with its impressive 24-metre-high façade, sits at the heart of the city. A visit to these temples is like a journey through time. Luxor Temple is usually visited at the end of the day, at sunset.

abu simbel
Temple of Karnak and Valley of the Kings and Queens in Luxor (Source: Adobe Stock)

Nile cruise, 5 days on a Dahabieh

After visiting Cairo and Luxor, embark on your 4 or 5-day Dahabieh cruise, depending on the itinerary chosen. For Isabelle, it was a 4-day cruise departing from Esna on a luxury Dahabieh the King Farouk that won her over. Accompanied by 4 couples she didn't know and the crew, Isabelle was able to enjoy this timeless holiday. Comprising four double cabins and a suite, the boat can accommodate 10 passengers on board. Isabelle tells us that "the services on board were all very good, with very good and varied meals”.

inside and outside of a dahabieh
Interior and exterior of the King Farouk (Source: Isabelle)

5-day itinerary from Esna

Different itineraries are available, depending on the service provider you choose. Here are the highlights of Isabelle's cruise:

Day 1 : Luxor - Esna - El Hegz

Day 2 : El Kab - Edfou - Fawaza

Day 3 : Bassaw - Djebel Silsila

Day 4 : Kom Ombo - Daraw - Herdiab

Day 5 : Herdiab - Aswan

cruise itinerary on the nile river
Itinerary of Isabelle's trip to Egypt (Clickable map)

Day 1 : Luxor - Esna - El Hegz

After spending the morning in Luxor, Isabelle was transferred to Esna to board the Dahabieh with 4 other couples she didn't know. Like Isabelle, once on board you will have lunch while sailing to El Hegz.

Day 2 : El Kab - Edfou - Fawaza

After breakfast on board, you will sail to El Kab to visit the tombs of the governors in the ancient city. You will then have lunch while sailing to Edfu. Once there, you can visit the temple of Edfu, dedicated to the god Horus. Then spend a late afternoon on the island of Fawaza, where a barbecue awaits you.

Edfu temple
Edfu temple (Source: Adobe Stock)

Day 3 : Bassaw - Djebel Silsila

On day 3, enjoy breakfast as you sail to Bassaw, a small island with a village of colourful houses. After lunch on board, you will arrive at Gebel Silsileh, the largest sandstone quarry in ancient Egypt, and discover the temple of Horemheb.

Day 4 : Kom Ombo - Daraw - Herdiab

On day 4, visit the temple of Kom Ombo and the crocodile mummy museum, then head to the village of Daraw and explore its local fruit and vegetable market. Then head to the village of Herdiab where you'll have the chance to swim. For her last evening on board, a small party was organised on the shore. Isabelle has fond memories of it: "it was a great way to end the cruise!

Kom Ombo temple, mummy and crocodile museum, Daraw market
From top to bottom, left to right, Kom Ombo temple, crocodile mummy museum, Daraw market and evening on the shore (Source: Isabelle)

Day 5 : Herdiab - Aswan

On the last day, you will have lunch on board before setting sail for Aswan. You will then visit the temple of Philae before being transferred to the airport or your hotel, depending on your itinerary.

temple de Philae
Philae Temple in Aswan (Source: Isabelle)

Abu Simbel option

After the cruise, Isabelle had chosen the 'Abu Simbel' option, allowing her to visit the two temples of Abu Simbel. She therefore took a plane from Aswan (a 45-minute flight). She was also able to enjoy the sound and light show at the temple. "It was probably the most impressive site!

Abu simble temples
Abu Simbel temples (Source : Isabelle)

Safety and practical information

Contrary to popular belief, travelling in Egypt is no more dangerous than anywhere else. In fact, you should stay in areas considered safe. These include the tourist areas of the Nile delta (Cairo, Alexandria), the Nile valley (Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel) and the seaside resorts of Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada on the Red Sea.

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