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Mono-hull sailing boat rental


Do you want to take to the open sea and set sail on a superb yacht? Whether it's for a week or a month, find out how to rent a sailing boat easily with Filovent. Simple and intuitive, reserving a boat has never been easier.


Depending on the number you wish to be and your sailing schedule, our wide range of sailing boats will satisfy your desires. A small sailing boat offers the advantage of flexibility, it can be skippered by one person and manoeuvering on-board is easier. On the other hand, choose a large sailing boat if you are looking for more comfort and space, as these boats are better suited to holidays and relaxation, and have more living space on-board. However, these vessels are more difficult to handle due to their size, which is why Filovent offers you the skipper option for your sailing boat rental. All you have to do is find the right sailing boat for your budget and your desires!


YachtSailing boat cruise


A wide choice of destinations

Do you want to take to the open sea and escape the daily grind? Say no more; a sailing boat charter is the solution. Whether you are a couple, a family or with friends, we have what you need!

Filovent offers its customers a wide range of destinations to go on holiday on-board your sailing boat. Head to the South of France, near Marseilles, and discover the French Riviera with its wild creeks inaccessible on foot, and deserted beaches with turquoise waters. Corsica is a very good compromise for holidaymakers who wish to stay in France while having a change of scenery. With its kilometres of coastline, you can fully enjoy your holidays sailing along without worrying about where to sleep.

Rental of a sailing boat is also an opportunity to discover neighbouring countries like you would never imagine: Greece and Croatia are particularly popular with amateur sailors. Would you like to go to the other side of the world? Nothing prevents you from sailing to more exotic destinations in the West Indies or even the Bahamas.

The diversity of destinations offered by Filovent will enable you to find the sailing boat to suit your cruising desires.


The different types of sailing boats 

These days, there are many different types of sailing boats. Each one meets a different need and is adapted to the various possible sailing schedules. To better understand, Filovent shows you the different types of cruising yachts.


Cruising yachts


"Charter" cruising yachts, are pleasure boats that meet comfort and space criteria. They are often used with friends or family and are perfectly suited to novice sailors making their first cruise.

Although all cruising yachts are over 6 metres in length, each one is different from the others due to their many physical and technical characteristics. Some have a wooden hull, others are made of plastic, aluminum or composite wood. In addition, they can be equipped with a long bulbous or short fin keel.


1. Small yachts

A yacht is considered "small" when it is less than 8 metres long. They were very popular in the 1980s because of their many advantages. Indeed, they are more affordable and cost less in maintenance than classic yachts. Moreover, it is possible to transport them with a trailer because of their small size.

The small yachts are in high demand for simple budget cruises and the larger ones even have two double berths. They are equipped with a centreboard or a lifting keel depending on the model, which enables them to go anywhere and to even approach the beach.


Small yachtSmall yacht


2. Fishing trips

Long considered bad and from another era, fishing sailing boats are a good compromise! Ideal for people who live near the sea and who want to go to sea from time to time. Solid and comfortable, the fishing sailing boat is pleasant and easy to steer.

Fishing sailing boats were launched in the 1970s to meet the needs of amateur sailors who simply wanted to sail and fish. Unfortunately, the construction of this type of sailing boat ended in the early 90s, but some lucky people can stil enjoy it, thanks to the Evasion model from Bénéteau and the Fifty model from Kirié.


3. Sailing boats with living quarters

Any sailing boat between 8 and 18 metres in length is considered to be an inhabitable yacht. Thus, more comfortable than small yachts, they are perfectly suited to go cruising for a week or more. Whether you want to sail with your family on the Atlantic coast or with friends in the Caribbean, this type of yacht will satisfy you. They are adaptable and suitable for all types of schedules.


Friends YachtYacht cruise with friends


4. Bluewater cruising yachts

While live-aboard yachts fit any desire, bluewater cruising yachts are a category all their own. It is difficult to define what a "bluewater cruising yacht" is; boats in this category have their own characteristics. Often heavier and made of aluminum, they focus on safety, even if it means leaving out performance. Easily recognisable by the presence of solar panels, practicality and comfort are even more present than on other types of yachts. So you can see that bluewater cruising yachts are designed for long cruises, in safety, with family or friends, but not for taking part in the Vendée Globe (non-stop around the world boat race).


Racing yachts

Theracing and conquering "performance" yachts are narrower and more streamlined. Designed to go fast, they are used in regattas and races such as the America's Cup or the Volvo Ocean Race. Unlike cruising yachts, racing yachts are equipped with a double rudder with a swing keel and a double helm. Moreover, the comfort on board is less since the technical characteristics are most important for these yachts. Over the years, real competition machines have been created, which has enabled the world of competitive sailing to be revalued.


Yacht crewRacing yacht crew



Halfway between cruising yachts and racing yachts, a kind of in-between has emerged: cruiser-racers. They were created to be able to participate in races with the comfort of a cruising yacht. The JPK 10.30 is a pure example of this, and was notably nominated for theEuropean Yacht of the Year 2020 in the cruiser-racer category, a nice payback for one of Europe's smallest shipyards. The JPK 10.30 perfectly meets the criteria of cruiser-racers thanks to its versatility. Alone, with two people or with a crew, it will offer you comfort in all circumstances for a fast cruise.


FAQ: Filovent answers you!



The mono-hull yacht, unlike the catamaran, has only one hull as its name suggests. Thus, the sensations on-board are therefore very different and much closer to the water. On a yacht, wind pressure on the sails will cause the boat to heel at all points of sail. This sensation, specific to the mono-hull yacht, is an essential element of the sailing and provides a unique experience.

If you prefer sailing to anchoring, you will know that the yacht is made for you! Sailing enthusiasts will opt for the manoeuverability and power of the yacht, where manoeuvers on-board are more varied and offer a real experience at sea. On the other hand, from an aesthetic point of view, the design of the yacht and of its single hull gives it a slender profile and a sleek appearance. Its architecture also makes it more resistant to harsh sailing conditions: it is stronger and more difficult to turn over.

Filovent also offers yacht rental with skipper if you do not have enough nautical experience to ensure navigation on-board. He or she will be in charge of the manoeuvers on-board and will help you learn to sail. The professional skippers that we provide for you will also be able to accompany you in your sailing itinerary by informing you of the anchorages and stopovers not to be missed during your cruise!


Family YachtYacht cruise with the family



Yacht rental is often less expensive than a catamaran, so if you have a small budget for your next holiday, choose a yacht. Many ship owners offer economical ranges, accessible to the general public and to beginners who wish to discover their first sailing sensations. So, your criteria such as its size, its use, and the number of people on-board… have a considerable impact on the choice of your yacht. Don't hesitate to request a quote, 100% personalised, from our specialised consultants, to find out more.



France is the world's second largest manufacturer of pleasure boats, behind the United States, and the largest in Europe. It is also the world's largest producer of yachts with its shipyards such as Beneteau, Jeanneau, Dufour, and Kirié.

Pleasure boat rental has greatly boosted the growth of the sailing industry. In 2019, the global market leader Beneteau, saw its sales increase by more than 30% compared to the previous year, which represented nearly €130 million in additional revenue.

Dufour, a member of the Fountaine Pajotgroup, number two in the French boating industry, is also taking advantage of the opportunity to rejuvenate its customer base. Thus, faced with this new trend, the shipyards had to adapt accordingly by creating new versions of yachts adapted to the specific needs of the charter. Therefore, innovation is very important to continue to boost the sector, Fountaine Pajot has invested no less than 26 million Euro to keep up with the intensive production rate.


Yacht charter with Filovent: feedback


Renting a yacht is an excellent choice if you want to coast from island to island. With a spacious cockpit, comfortable cabins and saloon, and at times scooped stern to enjoy the anchorages: the yacht ensures pleasant sailing! Mono-hull boats are particularly well-adapted to windy sailing programmes: equipped with a mainsail, a gennaker and sometimes a spinnaker (on request), manoeuvering on-board is made easier by its ergonomics. Enjoy the pleasure of dropping anchor in corners of paradise to take advantage of magnificent anchorages in the most beautiful destinations!


Jeanneau boatJeanneau yacht


In the French Mediterranean and in Corsica, our loyal customers particularly appreciate the Dufour 382. This mono-hull boats belongs to the Grand Large range, which offers yacths designed for travel. Comfortable in all sailing conditions, its main asset is its saloon area with a fully adjustable table that adapts to the uses you wish to make of it. The perfect place for your meals with family or friends.

In Croatia, Greece and the West Indies, the Sun Odyssey 36i is the real darling of our customers. Indeed, this cruising yacht owes its reputation to its optimum sail plan that will enable you to savour the joys of sailing in complete comfort. Easy to manoeuver thanks to its ergonomic steering station, it is highly appreciated for both its technical and aesthetic qualities. Its spacious interior has large hull windows that give a pleasant view of the sea. The classic atmosphere of its saloon is also very enjoyable thanks to its meticulous finishing and its comfort, tried and tested!

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