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2 February 2022


Reading time: 10 minutes



In a nutshell


Why Trogir? The countless stops in the Dalmatian islands, the most beautiful villages in Croatia, and the vibrant life and markets.

Unmissable destinations: The islands of Solta, Brač, Vis, and Hvar.

Activities: Water activities such as swimming and snorkelling, but also land activities such as hiking and quad biking!



Map of sailing areas in Croatia
Croatia's sailing areas (clickable map)




  1. Practical information for your boat rental from the port of Trogir
  2. What to do in the city of Trogir?
  3. Where to sail from Trogir?
  4. The most beautiful anchorages around Trogir
  5. Which itineraries to follow for your cruise?
  6. What are the weather conditions?





"Our cruise in Croatia leaves us with great memories! The Dalmatian islands, not too far from each other, are an excellent sailing area which enables to perfectly alternate beautiful days of sailing with moments of discovery, walking, and lazing around. We were also pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome of the locals on the Dalmatian islands", Mathieu, who sailed in August on-board a Jeanneau 57, told me.

A true jewel of Dalmatia, Trogir is a charming port and cultural city, loaded with history. With its city centre located on a small island, it's the perfect place to cruise from island to island in the heart of a paradise-like setting.

What are you waiting for to hoist the sails and set off on an adventure in the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea?


Nicole's yacht on the Adriatic Sea
Nicole's beautiful Sun Odyssey 379 ready to set sail for the Dalmatian Islands! (photo by Nicole)

1. Practical information for your boat rental from the port of Trogir


What types of boat are available for rent?


Trogir is our biggest base in Croatia with a wide choice of 1163 boats the large majority of which are mono-hulls (60%) and catamarans (26%).

"The type of boat depends on the type of holiday. If you are more of a sailor, we recommend renting a yacht, if you prefere more comfort, then choose a catamaran", Andelina, manager at Pitter Yacht Charter, one of our main partners in Croatia, told me. But in particular, make your choice according to your preferences and your budget. It's your holday, treat yourself!


Average rates depending on the season and the size of the boat


The table below gives you an approximate order of magnitude of the prices of the boats. These prices can change according to the season, the availability, the model, the age of the boat, etc.


Type of boat High Season
July and August
May, June, and September
Low Season
April and October
Mono-hull (2 cabins) €1,800 €1,500 €700
Mono-hull (3 cabins) €3,200 €2,200 €1,300
Mono-hull (4 cabins) €4,200 €3,000 €1,700
Catamaran (between 35 and 40 feet) €6,600 €4,300 €2,300
Catamaran (between 40 and 45 feet) €8,300 €5,400 €2,600
Catamaran (between 45 and 50 feet) €12,400 €7,100 €3,900


The port of Trogir


Its ideal position for cruising on the Adriatic Sea makes Trogir a must for budding sailors! Of the 21 Croatian bases, 3 are located in the beautiful coastal city, about 10 minutes by car from Split airport. All modern and well thought-out, they offer complete access to all the necessities for holidaymakers: restaurants, shops, laundry and batnroom facilities.

TheACI Marina located on the peninsula of Čiovo, is the oldest marina and offers incredible views of the old town. The SCT Marina is the largest marina with 256 mooring spaces. Finally, the new Seget-Donji marina is the most popular one with our customers since almost half of them started their cruise from this base!

"You can arrive early enough to refuel, there are two pumps on the right, but also a new one on the left that's not indicated on the maps", Nicole, a Filovent customer, told me, who sailed on a Sun Odyssey 379.


fleet of Veritas Yachting moored in the port of Trogir
Boats moored in the charming port of Trogir (photo by Veritas Yachting Europe - Four Seasons Yachting)


Our partners on site


We contacted the best professional boat rental companies in the area to give you the holiday of your dreams! Our main partners from Trogir, but also the most valued by our customers, are Dream Yacht Charter, Pitter Yacht Charter, and Angelina Tours d.o.o.

    • Angelina Tours d.o.o. founded in 1995, has grown from a small Croatian family business to collaborate with renowned brands like Beneteau, Dufour, and Lagoon. The quality of its service makes the company obtain the best feedback from our customers in Croatia, with a very positive average rating of 17.31/20. Departing from Trogir, there's a wide range of boats to choose from; from yachts to catamarans and motorboats, you are sure to find what you are looking for among the 175 at your disposal!
    • Since 2000, Dream Yacht Charter has been dedicated to making the sailing experience accessible to all. The group started in the Seychelles and has now exported to more than 60 destinations all over the world. You can embark on one of its 115 boats from Trogir and enjoy a unique experience! Like its competitor Angelina Tours d.o.o., its fleet is mostly made up of famous brands such as Lagoon, Dufour, and Jeanneau. It is also highly rated, with an average rating of 17.26/20.
    • Pitter Yacht Charter is an Austrian company that has been committed to providing its customers with quality boats at the best price since 1989. This partner is present in 15 Croatian bases and has a fleet of 307 boats of all types, departing from Trogir. It has a good rating of 16.42/20 from our customers.
    • Navigare Yachting, a Swedish company with a strong presence in Croatia, has a beautiful fleet at the Seget Donji Marina in Trogir. Its quality of service andmaintenance of the boats is strongly emphasized by my consultant colleagues at Filovent. A small particularity with them should be noted: you never have to pay a deposit on site! Their cruise pack includes cleaning, out-board motor, bedding, towels and even Wi-Fi. This way, you can enjoy real peace of mind! Our customers give this charter company and its 92 boats departing from Trogir a superb rating of 17.21/20.


Angelina Charter fleet moored in the port of Trogir
The beautiful fleet of Angelina Charter moored in the port of Trogir (photo by Angelina Tours d.o.o.)


2. What to do in the city of Trogir?


It would be a shame to set sail immediately without discovering all that Trogir has to offer. "We visited the length and breadth of Trogir! It's a mediaeval city magnificent and very vibrant, with a lot of activities and movement", Mathieu, who sailed on-board a Jeanneau 57, told me. That's why we've put together a small programme of the wonders to see before setting off to the Dalmatian islands.

Classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, it's the perfect mixture of the cultures which populated its land: Roman, Venetian, Greek, and even French! Follow the adage that the best way to visit a city is to get lost in it, and walk the cobblestone streets of the incredibly well-preserved mediaeval district. You'll certainly come across beautiful places such as Ivana Pavla II Square. You'll have a splendid panoramic view if you decide to climb to the top of St. Lawrence's Cathedral in Trogir. But beware of vertigo!


aerial view of the city centre of Trogir
Dazzling aerial view of the city centre of Trogir, located on a small island! (photo by Angelina Charter)

Lovers will be able to stroll among the large palm trees along Riva, a beautiful seaside promenade, and enjoy the lovely view of the island of Čiovo. It's impossible to leave the peninsula without making a detour to the fortress of Kamerlengo. Covered with white stones and dominating the city with its large Croatian flag, it promises a stunning view of Trogir and the Riva. For the party animals among you, come to the "Moondance" Festival which takes place within its walls in July and August.

This excursion in the heart of the historic centre will surely have whetted your appetite. You'll be happy to know that there is no shortage of places to have lunch. The old town of Trogir is full of good restaurants and there's something for everyone! If you want to discover all the specialties of the country, I strongly advise you to go and stroll through the market which takes place every morning near the port. This place full of colours is a must and will awaken all your senses thanks to the explosion of smells and flavours that emanate from it. Take the opportunity to taste everything because as the Croatian proverb says "The second bite is never as good as the first" ! You certainly cannot leave Croatia without experiencing the local brandy, called Rakija.

"I strongly encourage you to take the time to visit the cathedral and the old town, to get lost in the small streets in search of a good restaurant, there is no shortage! They're all quite expensive, but very good", Nicole, who sailed on a Sun Odyssey 379, told me.

With a full stomach, the need to rest makes itself felt! You're very lucky because the beaches in the area are breathtakingly beautiful. Laze around in the oasis of Labadusa South of Čiovo and enjoy the view, you'll think you're in Paradise. If it's tranquillity you're looking for, we suggest you go to the pebble beach of Duva Bay. Nevertheless, serenity has a price: the road to get there is very winding! But there is no doubt that you will be rewarded as soon as you dive into the amazingly translucent waters. In addition, the parking is free!


the beach of Labadusa in Croatia
Swim in the translucent waters of Labadusa Beach! (Adobe Stock photo)

For nature lovers, the Krka River is the most impressive place in the country. It flows into a series of majestic waterfalls which pour into the Adriatic Sea. "We left the boat in Skradin and rented bikes early in the morning before the other visitors arrived", Nicole, who sailed on a Sun Odyssey 379, told me. "The journey is not long, about 20 minutes by bike. The rental companies also have electric bikes. There are several rental companies along the dock. It costs 50 Kuna for 3 hours, and day passes are also available", she added. "We then took a buoy at Skradin. It has become quite expensive (400 Kuna per night for a 39-foot mooring space), but we have access to the showers just in front of us, which were very clean. I recommend More restaurant that cooks wood-fired suckling pig and sea bass beautifully!"


the waterfalls of the Krka river in Croatia
The impressive waterfalls of the Krka river discovered after a lovely bike ride (photo by Nicole)


3. Where to sail from Trogir?


Once the tour of the historic city was over, it was time to hoist the sails and set sail for the Dalmatian islands. The fact that they are relatively close to each other made it easy and safe for everyone, regardless of their level, to sail in these waters. "As a family, it's the best! The fact that the islands are not too far from each other made the days well-balanced and it was more pleasant. The sails took at the maximum, half a day so that the young people could quickly swim and make discoveries on land", Mathieu, who sailed on-board a Jeanneau 57, informed me. "It seems to me that a cruise of 7 to 14 days is optimum since there's so much to see and do!"Marija from Ultra Sailing, one of our partner charter companies, informed me.


The island of Solta


The closest cape to Trogir is the island of Solta only 8 nautical miles away.

You can moor in one of the 4 ports, all of which are oriented towards Trogir, but I recommend going to the one in Rogač which is the main port , and also the one with the cheapest fuel! You can also visit Maslinica, originally a fishing village, considered the most beautiful marina in Croatia.


the port of Maslinica in Croatia
Dock at the charming little port of Maslinica! (Adobe Stock photo)


Take advantage of the wild landscape of Solta to relax in one of its many coves . Dive without fear, your boat will be well-protected from the wind. The South of the island equates to tranquillity since it's not easily accessible by land, and therefore represents an ideal anchorage.

After this relaxing time, mix with the locals by attending the famous tug-of-war in Mrduja, a tiny island between Solta and Brač. These summer festivities come from a legend that acknowledges that someone once tried to seize it. A quarrel thus arose between the two large neighbouring islands to determine which one was the owner, each one pulling the rope towards its side. The two competitors will then all gather cordially in the beautiful Stomorska Bay.


The island of Brač


The next logical step was to set off towards Brač, the largest island in Dalmatia, known for its pebble beaches, 18 nautical miles from Trogir.

The "golden horn" is an unmissable place to take a dip. This pebble beach named Zlatni Rat, located in Bol, has repeatedly been awarded the most beautiful beach in Europe. It is impossible to leave the island without observing its original shape, which changes according to the seasons, winds and currents. Its emblematic side makes it very popular and when you say touristic, that means exorbitant prices!


Zlatni Rat beach in the shape of a horn in Croatia
Zlatni Rat beach with its original horn shape! (Adobe Stock photo)


Leave the crowds and discover typical villages all around the island like Milna, Selca, and Pucisca, to name just three of them. You'll fall in love with the charming stone houses overlooking their small port, a real postcard setting.


The island of Vis


Head to the island of Vis, the furthest from Trogir, about 28 nautical miles away. Its off-centre position means it does not suffer from mass tourism and so it preserves its authenticity. A real treasure for lovers of nature and tranquility ! Wine lovers will also find something they like since it's known for making the best wine in the country. So have a big glass of Vugaya (white) or Plavac (red) and enjoy the silence. "This island is a must to visit!"declared Marija from Ultra Sailing.

The adventurers among you will be thrilled to learn that this archipelago is famous for its sensational dive sites, such as its two famous caves.

The South of Vis gives access to another small island, that of Biševo, a gem of Dalmatia. Come and contemplate the mystical atmosphere of the legendary Blue Cave, accessible only by excursions from Komiža. The sun's rays reflecting on the background give the water an incomparable azure colour, and give objects a wonderful silver colour. I'm sure you're dying to dive in, but it's not allowed. This fantastic site is to be appreciated only with the eyes! The best time to admire this show is around noon.


the Blue Cave of Komiza in Croatia
The almost supernatural atmosphere of the Blue Cave (Adobe Stock photo)


Less well-known, the Green Cave of the island of Ravnik is a must-see. It owes its name to its green colour obtained thanks to the sunlight on the algae located on its rocks, a phenomenon similar to that of Biševo. Unlike the Blue Cave, swimming is allowed here! Aspiring climbers can even try toascend it. Access is provided by frequent excursions from Rukavac, and it's free in the low season!


The island of Hvar


The last stop of your journey is Hvar, the Croatian Saint-Tropez, 25 nautical miles from Trogir. Very vibrant and cosmopolitan, this island will delight lovers of nightlife! Before you set off to sway your hips with your cocktail at Carpe Diem, wander through its narrow streets in search of charming trendy stores and climb to the top of the fortress; the view will take your breath away. A small tip: go there at sunset, you won't regret it!

"We rented quads and bikes and went to explore Hvar. This enabled the more athletic of us to ride their bikes and for the kids to rest a little on the quad bikes", explained Mathieu, who sailed on a Jeanneau 57.

Lucia from Veritas Yachting Europe gave me the good idea to go and eat at the Ringo Tavern, a real landmark for sailors who anchor just in front. In addition to providing a beautiful view of the bay, the owner is incredibly kind and welcoming, you'll feel right at home! "The mooring is free with the meal!Lucia told me.

Get back on-board your boat and head for Hell's islands, their real name is the Pakleni islands. Located in front of Hvar and accessible in 20 minutes for the nearest ones, they are real life-size postcards!


Hell's islands off Hvar in Croatia
Idyllic anchorage in Hell's islands (Adobe Stock photo)


4. The most beautiful anchorages around Trogir


Sesula Bay


To the West of Solta, the small port village of Maslinica will take you on a journey back in time to when it was the residence of wealthy Venetian aristocrats. Quieter for the night, anchor in Sesula Bay; protected from all winds, it has two typical Croatian restaurants, so go and get your fill of local specialties! Don't hesitate to go down to the South of the island which is home to many wonderful beaches and natural bays.

"Maslenica, in Šolta, is a nice little port that you can visit on the first or last day of sailing, as it's the closest to our base in Trogir and offers a magnificent view of the sunset that you absolutely must see".Ana Maria from Angelina Charter, one of our partner charter companies, told me.

"We had a nice little walk while enjoying an ice cream in this charming village", Nicole, who sailed on a Sun Odyssey 379, told me.


port of Maslinica, photo taken by Nicole
The charming harbour village of Maslinica (photo by Nicole)


The Blue Lagoon


A diver's utopia, the Blue Lagoon is located between the two islands of Krknjaši. Its astonishing crystal water is perfect for discovering the coloured sea beds equipped with your mask and your snorkel. The water is so clear that you can perfectly observe the underwater world from your boat! A real movie set, swim on your back facing the sun and let yourself float while enjoying this otherworldly environment. Keep watch; you have a good chance of coming across a dolphin !


the Blue Lagoon in Croatia
Two sailing boats on the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon (Adobe Stock photo)


Stiniva bay


South of Vis, you will fall in love with the magnificent Stiniva Bay, even more picturesque than any beach you've ever seen in your life. In 2016, this gem was even voted most beautiful beach in Europe by the tourism organisation "European Best Destinations". Its majestic white cliffs frame this small, isolated, and charming bay, accessible by boat or, more difficult, on foot. To refresh yourself, the small Peruka Tavern, in the shade of the cliffs, offers a wide choice of drinks.


Stiniva Bay in Croatia
The picturesque Stiniva Bay (Adobe Stock photo)


This very beautiful beach attracts many tourists; if you want a little peace and quiet away from the crowds, I advise you to go to nearby, less well-known coves, such as Taleska Vela, and Srebrna with its pebbles gleaming silver in the moonlight.


The ports of Vrboska and Milna


"We really fell for the island of Hvar and one of our favourite anchorages was the small port of Vrboska, we had a magical time there despite the health situation", Mathieu told me, "A second really nice small harbour is that of Milna, on Brač. We ate well there in superb, typical restaurants."

"I recommend Milna Marina in Brač, which is located on the West side of the island and can support 183 berths. It's one of the most popular marinas to drop anchor in this part of the Adriatic, and it's relatively close to Trogir. The marina has a reception with a currency exchange office and Atm, a café, a restaurant, Wi-Fi access, a repair service, a nautical equipment and spare parts store, and just before the entrance to the port, a service station", Ana Maria of Angelina Charter told me.


The port of Stari Grad


Yes, Hvar also has some quiet spots! Sought after by history lovers, the oldest city in Croatia, Stari Grad, is the same age as Aristotle! Its pretty little harbour has a capacity of 65 boats with the option of water supply, but unfortunately does not have bathroom facilities. If there's no more room; no problem, anchor in the bay, "it's a perfect anchorage because you'll be well-protected from the wind", Marija from Ultra Sailing advised me.


a yacht moored in the port of Stari Grad on the island of Hvar
A yacht moored in Stari Grad harbour (Adobe Stock photo)


The Klement Archipelago


"The best nature moment of our stay was a beautiful anchorage in the archipelago of Klement, not far from Hvar. It wasn't too crowded and the water was absolutely beautiful. It was a magical moment", Mathieu, who sailed on a Jeanneau 57, told me, awestruck, "We loved the place so much that we went back a second time."

He also told me about an unusual and rarely visited place: "We left the children on the boat and we adults went on a getaway. We found an isolated bar in the middle of a relatively secluded beach and in which the barman was making his local production! We enjoyed Croatian charcuterie and had a fantastic time in a beautiful setting."


The port of Šibenik


"The port of Šibenik is not often mentioned as a stopover, but actually, there's a beautiful old town, and lots of restaurants and pavement areas", Nicole, who sailed on a Sun Odyssey 379, explained to me. Docking at this port is a great way to stock up on local food!


Uvala Kravijacica


"Anchoring atUvala Kravijacica is done at the buoy. The place is lovely and there are quite a few restaurants on land, but they're closed in October. We saw a beautiful sunset and took a nice little walk ashore on the hilltop to get an incredible view of the islands", , Nicole, who sailed on a Sun Odyssey 379, told me.


sunset at the anchorage of Uvala Kravijacica
Fabulous sunset of Uvala Kravijacica from Nicole's Sun Odyssey 379 (photo by Nicole)


5. Which itineraries to follow for your cruise?


One week itinerary taken by Mathieu with his family - Total distance covered: 185 nautical miles


Trogir route map
Map of a 7-day itinerary from Trogir (clickable map)


  • Day 1: Trogir → Uvala Necujam → Milna in Brač (20 nautical miles)
  • Day 2: Milna → Zlatni Rat → Vrboska on Hvar and bike rental to Stari Grad (24 nautical miles)
  • Day 3: Vrboska → Mrtinovik → Porteruša Bay (49 nautical miles)
  • Day 4: Porteruša Bay → Blue Cave → Vis (48 nautical miles)
  • Day 5: Vis → Vinogradišće → Hvar (16 nautical miles)
  • Day 6: Hvar → Blue Lagoon → Trogir (28 nautical miles)


One week itinerary taken by Nicole - Total distance travelled: 166 nautical miles

  • Day 1: Trogir → Vala Vinisce (6 nautical miles)
  • Day 2: Vala Vinisce → Sibenik → Krka River → Skradin (39 nautical miles)
  • Day 3: Skradin → Mali Borovnjak → Kersela → Uvala Kravijacica
  • Day 4: Uvala Kravijacica → Piskera → Opat (58 nautical miles)
  • Day 5: Opat → Uvala Stupica Vela → Maslinica (29 nautical miles)
  • Day 6: Maslinica → Uvala Tatinja → Sveta Fumija → Trogir (34 nautical miles)


The Filovent team has personally put together for you a pleasant one-week itinerary in Croatia to head for the Dalmatian islands.


6. What are the weather conditions?


Farewell to rainy and cloudy days, take a break and head to Croatia where the climate is pleasant all year round!

In summer, temperatures range from 27°C to 37°C. Be careful to protect yourself from the heat and go cool off in the sublime turquoise waters at 25°C. "The very warm crystal clear water is an invitation to swim! We swam a lot, about an hour a day, snorkelled and played with the dinghy", Mathieu, who sailed on a Jeanneau 57 in August, told me.

FromApril to October, the thermometer exceeds 20°C and the climate is dry and sunny. "The sea was quite calm and we were able to swim a lot because the water was quite warm, around 20-21°C", Nicole, who sailed on-board a Sun Odyssey 379 at the end of September, told me.

Of all the winds in Croatia, the most common in Dalmatia is the Maestral, coming from the North-West. This wind, which blows mainly in summer, is greatly appreciated by our sailor friends since it reduces the feeling of heat. A less pleasant wind coming from the North-East, the Bura, is worth lingering for. It's extremely strong and unpredictable, but unlike the Maestral, very rare in summer. The most adventurous and sporty among you will love it: its power promises a rapid sail and a great adrenaline rush!

"The best time to sail is April, May and October", Andelina from Pitter Yacht Charter told me. She strongly recommends June for "relaxing, sightseeing and swimming", for the simple reason that it's "the beginning of the bathing season and there aren't many people yet".



I would like to thank Nicole and Mathieu for their testimonies which helped to give authenticity to the article. A big thank you also to Marija, Lucia, Andelina, and Ana Maria for their valuable professional advice.

The specialists who advise you with trustworthiness, reactivity, and transparency


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