Want to sail, but don't want to take the risk: Choose a FiloSafe boat with 100% refund.

100% refunded by Filovent if

  • closure of the borders of my country or the country of the rental
  • navigation prohibited on the spot

100% reimbursed by the insurer Gritchen if

  • quarantine or hospitalisation for COVID 19 (positive test)
  • hospitalisation of a member of my family (as defined) for COVID 19
  • case proven contact with the obligation to isolate myself
  • refusal to board the plane following a temperature check

No refund or credit voucher / credit note:
cancellation or modification of flights by an airline or ferry company (time, day, connection or price), cancellation or modification of train tickets, quarantine imposed on the return of the crew to their homes, advice by the authorities not to travel, advice by a doctor not to travel, fear of possible future restrictions which do not officially affect the dates of hire, closures of beaches, bars, restaurants and other places of leisure on site as long as navigation is authorised

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