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Rental of trawler boat

The "recreational trawler" commonly called a "trawler", refers to a pleasure boat measuring 8 to 20 metres in length and whose aesthetics are similar to those of small fishing vessels. This motorised boat, which does not have the size of a yacht, remains an excellent travel boat thanks to its sturdiness and functionality.

This type of vessel also exists in a "catamaran" version with the main advantages of offering more space inside and outside, being easier to manoeuver and providing more safety thanks to the double motorisation. Note that "trimaran" versions have also been built, but they are still extremely rare.

With its classic design, the trawler stipulated for the cruise does not have the aerodynamic and refined lines of the yacht, but it nevertheless provides significant comfort and substantial storage volumes. In addition, its hull is designed to optimise movement on the water without consuming too much fuel.

Thus, many sailors consider it to be a good compromise between a sailing boat and a motor yacht. That's why trawler boat rental remains an interesting solution for those who want to have a good cruise without exceeding a certain luxury threshold.

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