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3 good reasons to discover Paros island in Greece

Located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, the island of Paros has all the elements to seduce you: among sublime landscapes, beaches bathed by turquoise waters, villages with white walls and flowery streets, the island of Paros has maintained its authenticity and will meet all your expectations if you are looking for the traditional Greek island. In addition, the boat rental on Paros island will allow you to visit the island and stop in villages out of time or in dreamy moorings. The privileged location of the island will also offer you the privilege of exploring the Cyclades and its extraordinary landscapes by boat. Discover in this article three good reasons to discover the island of Paros. At the end of your cruise you'll just want to go back there!


1. Visit authentic villages 

The island of Paros is full of villages where you can walk and get lost in the narrow streets that pass through the white houses. During your stops, we recommend that you fully enjoy the quiet and warm rhythm of authentic and traditional Greece. It is difficult to choose, but we have selected for you some villages not to be missed. 

  • Lefkès, the magnificent mountain village: once the capital of the island, Lefkès is a magnificent mountain village. Located on a hill above a pine forest, it is considered the best preserved village of Paros. You will be immediately enchanted by this typical village: stroll through the pretty alleys, admire the magnificent view of the sea and Naxos. The first inhabitants of this village were the refugees from Crete who built the village in the mountains to protect from pirates.

  • Piso Livadi, the fishing village. You will immediately feel the charm of its picturesque port and its church with its blue dome. As the village is rather small, you can discover it by walking. Do not miss the opportunity to taste the traditional dishes and swim in the turquoise sea.

  • Naoussa, the traditional village: Naoussa is a typical village that, despite the presence of many tourists, still fascinates with its houses with blue shutters, white facades and its cobbled and flowered alleys.  It is also a fishing village as it has the largest fleet of fishing boats in the Cyclades. During your stay, you can also enjoy the numerous beaches such as the famous beach of Kolimbithyres with its coves and rocks.

  • Parikia: it is the largest town in Paros with almost 6,000 inhabitants and it is also the main port of the island. During your stay in the capital, you will not miss the places to discover or the local specialties to taste. You can visit the Basilica of Panaghia Katapoliani, the Archaeological Museum of Paros and the Ekatontapiliani Church, one of the most important Christian monuments in Greece. 

church of agia triada lefkes

2. Discover heavenly beaches

It is true that the island of Paros is not the most famous of the Cyclades, but it is worth visiting because of its many dream beaches. Thanks to its beautiful coastline, the island of Paros is the ideal destination for sea lovers. There are beaches that are ideal for families, beaches that are perfect for water sports enthusiasts, bays surrounded by wild vegetation and famous and more secret beaches. Everyone will be satisfied on the island of Paros. Here is our short selection of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Paros

  • Aliki, the quietest beach: located south of Paros, Aliki Beach is a pebble beach that will fascinate you with its tranquility and crystal clear water. Frequented mainly by families, here you will find bars to cool off on the waterfront. A quiet and relaxing place to fully enjoy your holiday.

  • Logaras Beach, the most suitable beach for families: located near the charming village of Piso Livadi, Logaras Beach is a beach with a family atmosphere. Awarded the Blue Flag, here you can enjoy a swim in its crystal clear waters. You will also find many restaurants to enjoy a meall after a day of idleness on the beach.

  • New Golden Beach, the most sporty: also known as Terdakia, New Golden Beach is not only a paradise for water sports lovers, but it also has fine sand and crystal clear waters.

  • Kolimbithres, the most natural: it is a collection of small coves and beaches with clear waters located in the north of the island of Paros. As many other places, they are very crowded in the summer, but the advantage with a boat holiday is that you can anchor in bays that are accessible only by sea and therefore not very popular. 

beach monastiri paros

3. Explore the surrounding islands 

Renting a boat in Greece, and more particularly on the island of Paros, will offer you many possibilities. After a tour of the island, a visit to the many picturesque villages and the best moorings, you can discover the surroundings of the island. 

  • The island of Antiparos: located just 30 minutes by boat from the island of Paros, the small island known as "little sister of Paros" is a little heaven. You will fall in love with the landscapes of this island, wilder than Paros, its small coves and traditional white houses. You will discover a real world apart where life is easy and pleasant. Walking around the island you will surely see the octopus, which are the specialty of the island, drying on the strands. 

  • Blue Lagoon on the islet of Tigani: situated between the island of Paros and the island of Antiparos on the islet of Tigani, Blue Lagoon will leave you speechless. Dive in its transparent turquoise waters and enjoy the beauty of the seabed. 

antiparos greece

As you may have guessed, the island of Paros is the perfect destination for your boating holiday. This little jewel of the Cyclades Islands will give you unforgettable moments and make you forget the stress of everyday life. It is already clear that you will want to go back there!

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