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Home Magazine 5 good reasons to visit Kos Island in Greece

5 good reasons to visit Kos Island in Greece

Much less known than the popular Cyclades Islands, the islands of the Dodecanese, off the Turkish coast, hide little treasures. These include the island of Kos, also called "Hippocrates Island" and the third largest island in the region. Much appreciated for its nightlife, the island of Kos has much more to offer. In fact, Kos is a green island, with magnificent beaches, picturesque villages, ancient ruins and a delicious cuisine. The island and all these features will seduce you. If you are not yet completely convinced, here are our 5 main reasons to choose Kos for your next holiday. An escape in the heart of the charm of the Greek island. 

1. Kos Town

The town of Kos, the main town on the island, is an open-air museum. Kos has a lot to offer in terms of culture and its historic centre will offer you wonderful discoveries. In fact, the city has seen the passage of Romans, Byzantines, Muslims and Italians: a real cultural mix that has left incredible traces in the city. During your visit you cannot miss the castle of Nératzia built by the Knights of the Order of St. John around the fifteenth century, the mosque of Gazi Hassan Pasha built in the late eighteenth century or the sanctuary of Asclépios considered as one of the most beautiful archaeological sites in Greece. 

2. Paradise Beaches

The island of Kos is known for its magnificent beaches and its crystal clear water. In fact, if you are looking for heavenly beaches, the island of Kos is the ideal destination for you. Considered as one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Kefalos Beach (Paradise Beach) is much appreciated for its clear waters. As being quite popular, this fine sandy beach is perfect for famillies. Among the popular beaches are there are also Tigaki and Mastihari, long white sandy beaches with turquoise water. Due to their popularity these beaches are quite crowded. To find quieter beaches you will have to move to the eastern part of the island where you can find more isolated beaches. 

3. Gastronomy 

When you choose a holiday destination you first think about its weather, beaches and things to visit, but also the gastronomy is an important element to discover a country and its culture. The island of Kos is the ideal destination for gourmet lovers: you can taste the local speciality, "Possa", a sheep's cheese that you can taste with olives or hazelnuts. It is also important to remember that the island of Kos is one of the agricultural points of Greece because its inhabitants grow olives, almonds, figs, tomatoes and grapefruit.

4. Water activities

The island of Kos is a destination that will fascinate sea and water sports lovers. In fact, as far as water sports are concerned, on the island of Kos you will have a wide choice of activities: surfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving. For those who do not opt for boat rental in Greece and more precisely on the island of Kos, boat trips are available from many ports. You can also choose to rent a boat on the island of Kos, a great way to explore the coast and the surrounding islands. 

5. The picturesque villages 

The island of Kos is made up of several small villages that will charm you. We suggest you to visit the village of Antimachia. Located in the center of the island, the village of Antimachia is a traditional village in the rural hinterland. The symbol of this village a windmill open to the public. You can also explore the village of Asfendiou and its traditional churches. By choosing the island of Kos as your holiday destination you will discover many picturesque Greek villages.

Less known than other Greek islands, the island of Kos is an island that deserves to be discovered. In fact, the island of Hippocrates is an land with a unique character and it is the ideal destination to recharge your batteries. Kos has a wide range of choices for everyone: for sport lovers, for the ones who are passionate about history and culture, for those for whom holidays are synonymous with leisure, for who love having fun but also for gourmet. Don't wait any longer and let yourself be seduced by one of the most beautiful Greek islands! 

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