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7 great reasons to go on a sailing cruise in Croatia

Croatia is the ideal destination for a boat cruise. Croatia is a country that has been preserved and offers breathtaking scenery, magnificent beaches, beautiful islands and extraordinary architecture. Renting a boat in Croatia for a cruise means taking a unique journey that will lgive you unforgettable memories. Thanks to your cruise in Croatia, you can enjoy an exceptional sea and an amazing country. If you are not yet convinced, here are 7 great reasons to choose Croatia as your destination for your next cruise. 


1. Discovering the beautiful islands  

Croatia with its 6,000 kilometres of coastline is known as the "country of a thousand islands". In fact, during your cruise in Croatia, you will be able to discover beautiful and unique islands and there are some for all tastes. If yoo love diving, snorkeling and unspoilt nature, do not forget to stop at the Kornati islands. You can also visit the island of Hvar and enjoy its medieval atmosphere or the island of Murter to enjoy its coves and golden beaches. The list of the most beautiful islands for sailing in Croatia is long, but it is pretty clear that all the islands in Croatia are small paradises. 

2. Admiring lavish landscapes between sea and mountains 

During your cruise in Croatia, you will be able to enjoy the incredible variety of landscapes of the country. In fact, the numerous influences of the past and the natural richness of the territory make Croatia a varied country. Choose your destination according to your wishes: in the north you will find plains, hills and lakes. In the central area you will find mountains and rich vegetation. Finally, enjoy the beautiful coastline on board your boat: among beaches, coves and clear waters, Croatia is a true paradise for sailing and sea lovers. 

3. Visiting breathtaking national parks 

Croatia is the ideal place for nature lovers thanks to its strong commitment to preserving nature and the environment. Despite its size, Croatia has 8 national parks and 11 nature parks. During your cruise, don't forget to discover at least one national park and its natural treasures. These parks include Plitvice Lakes National Park, Brijuni Islands National Park, Krka National Park, North Velebit National Park, Mljet Island National Park, Risnjak Park, Kornati Archipelago Park and Paklenica Park

national park plitvice

4. Exploring fascinating cities and towns 

Croatia is not just islands and beaches. In fact, you can also enjoy a great cultural diversity that you can find not only in its architecture but also in its cuisine. Whether it is a well-known city as Dubrovnik or Split or a small town, Croatia is full of characteristic lanes, architectural jewels that you can discover and admire.

5. Recharging batteries in wild and preserved nature 

Take advantage of your cruise in Croatia to recharge your batteries in the heart of a wild and protected nature. It is true that Croatia is very committed to the preservation of its environment. Unlike many countries, Croatia has preserved its natural beauty through its numerous natural and protected sites. The country is home to more than 8,000 plant and animal species. In fact, you can bump into bears, chamois, wolves or mongooses during your long walks in these unique landscapes. 

6. Enjoying a Mediterranean and continental climate 

Along the coast you will enjoy a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and very hot summers. In the countryside the climate is continental, with colder winters and warmer summers but wetter than the coast. The best time to travel to Croatia is from May to September. However, during the summer season, many tourists visit Croatia to discover the country's treasures. If you are looking for peace and quiet, but also sunshine, September is the ideal month. 


7. Swimming in the Adriatic Sea  

With such an exceptional climate, who wouldn't dream of diving into a warm and transparent sea? Croatia and its islands, coves and beaches offer you numerous bathing spots. Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will be in their element! So don't forget to pack a mask and snorkel in your suitcase. 


Your cruise in Croatia will allow you to relax and disconnect from everyday life while enjpying sumptuous landscapes and paradisiacal beaches. A moment of sharing with friends or family that you will remember. 

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