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Baignoire de Joséphine in Martinique

Located south of Martinique, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and two kilometers from the coast of the city of Le François, there are eight islets, including the islet of Frégate and the islet of Thierry. Among these paradisiacal islets you will find the "fonds blancs", which take their name from the colour of the sand. The most famous is the "baignoire de Joséphine". This exceptional place consists of a wide strip of white sand bordered by the coral reef, which attracts many tourists who come to live this unique and unusual experience. 


Why the name "baignoire de Joséphine"? 

There are many legends and versions about the origin of the name of this magnificent place. The two main hypotheses are as follows: the first and most popular is that this place owes its name to Josephine de Beauharnais, Napoleon I's first wife, who lived on the three islets and who, according to legend, loved to swim in these clear waters. However, this legend is more a marketing issue than a historical fact. In fact, it is unlikely that she came to swim in this place, as 25 kilometers separate this corner of paradise from the three islets. The second hypothesis would be that "Josephine" was the name of a dredger who came to this place to buy sand. If you visit this tourist attraction with a guide, they will tell you different stories and legends. 

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How to reach the baignoire de Joséphine?

The "baignoire de Joséphine" is only accessible by boat and for this reason several options are available. First of all, you can rent a boat in Martinique. Also, many companies offer different trips from Marina du François to allow you to spend an unforgettable day at sea. You can also explore this place on a kayak: this choice will give you the real freedom and the opportunity to swim avoiding a large number of tourists. In fact, due to its popularity, many tourists arrive by boat at certain times of the day, especially in the afternoon and weekends. We sugegst you to discover this place during the week to appreciate this special place. 


What to do in the "baignoire de Joséphine"? 

In the "baignoire de Joséphine" the depth of the water varies from 50 cm to 1.50 cm and the main activity is to swim with the water to the waist in the middle of the sea! A curiosity: the great families of the island descended from the ancient settlers, the Békés, and they met far from the crowds in these white waters to sip a "ti-punch". This habit of the locals quickly became the main commercial attraction of the place and also of Martinique. In fact, when you arrive at the "baignoire de Josephine", you can enjoy an aperitif in open sea. Get ready for the famous rum baptism and fruit juice tasting. 

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Despite its very touristy appearance, the "baignoire de Joséphine" is an exceptional place that is worth a visit. In fact, being able to admire the spectacle of these translucent waters while having an aperitif in the open sea is a unique experience. We therefore strongly invite you to come and experience this unusual adventure on your next cruise in Martinique

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