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basse terre guadeloupe

Basse Terre in Guadeloupe, an immersion in warm colours


Guadeloupe, an island of the French Antilles, is shaped like a butterfly, with the two main islands representing the two wings, Basse Terre and Grande Terre, connected by a narrow channel called Salt River. It is located in the middle of the Lesser Antilles, with the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Caribbean Sea to the west. The island of Basse-Terre takes its name from the language of the 17th century Navy and corresponds to the downwind coast (and therefore protected from the winds), and not to its mountain, which is quite high in this part of the island since La Soufrière volcano reaches its highest point in the center. With an average water temperature of 27°C, you won't have any problems adapting to the climate on open air or in the water, which is the best way to discover the Basse Terre in Guadeloupe! 


A green bath in a lush nature

Basse Terre can also be discovered from the inside: its waterfalls, lost in the midst of lush vegetation, are the most impressive in the West Indies, and the ascent of the volcano Soufrière with its 950 meters of altitude can be enriched by a bath in its volcanic hot springs. Even a small tropical rain can seem exotic to you, as well as being refreshing... Here nature has every right and you can't help but be delighted! Let yourself be tempted by swimming in the sea, in the turquoise waters, or by a sunbathing on sandy beaches of various colours. Another way to discover Guadeloupe is of course to travel along the coast: what a pleasure to travel through the fishing villages with their colorful boats that return to port at the end of the day, or even enjoy a moment of exceptional relax on one of its beaches of fine sand bordered by coconut palms or mangroves. Depending on the beach you choose in Basse Terre, the sand may be slightly orange (like Grande Anse de Deshaies) or black (like Grande Anse de Trois-Rivières) not far from the volcano Soufrière. If you are looking for white sandy beaches head south of the Grande-Terre.

guadeloupe volcano

Islands seen from the sea

A more original way to discover this part of Guadeloupe is to rent a boat. It will allow you to discover the majestic and authentic beauty of this island, sailing along all its coasts if you plan to go on a cruise on a sailboat for at least a week, with the Soufrière as background. By renting a sailboat in Guadeloupe, you can also discover the charming islets of Saintes or Marie-Galante, less crowded and even more authentic. Sailing on a sailboat always gives you a real feeling of freedom! And yes, the green and blue in all shades and gradations can only delight your eyes and all your senses, not to mention the many varieties of red, orange and yellow flowers such as Allamanda, Alpinia, bougainvillea and other catalpa, and the flamboyant hibiscus.

les saintes Guadeloupe

So don't wait any longer and discover the colourful island of Basse Terre in Guadeloupe

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