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A cruise to the Balearic Islands: which island to choose?

The Balearic Islands, a small archipelago of five islands off the Spanish coast are a paradise for yachting and a must for those who love the Mediterranean. Renting a boat in the Balearic Islands means enjoying the pleasures of sailing and at the same time the joys of the Spanish atmosphere, the joyful mood and its gastronomy. Depending on the amount of time you have for your cruise and the starting point of your charter boat for your Balearic Islands cruise, you will have to make a choice.



You can rent a boat in Menorca, a charming island, sailing from Mahon or the port of Ciutadella. Both are very nice ports where you can make a stop to have a coffee or tapas and buy your groceries before boarding. From here you can sail towards magnificent coves with crystal clear waters, accessible only by the sea, where you can enjoy moments of peace even in summer. There is nothing to prevent you from mooring for sunbathing on one of the many beaches along the island or from landing in a small port to refuel, or enjoy one of the many terraces.



It is the largest island of the Balearic Islands and although its southern coast is relatively covered with concrete, renting a boat in Mallorca will allow you to access magnificent coves. Cap de Formentor, in the north of the island, is wilder and it is close to a white sandy beach where it will be easy to anchor. The north-west coast is made up of majestic cliffs and your boat will look very small at the foot of them, but what sense of peace and change of scenery! Soller will be a key stop and a little train will take you from the port to the old town located on the hills. A cruise in the Balearic Islands is completed if you take a walk in the surrounding mountains. A week is perfect for a tour of the island. And if you can stop at the island of Cabrera, your Balearic Islands cruise will be perfect!


Ibiza and Formentera

Ibiza has a joyful and festive soul that naturally attracts many tourists, but the island has maintained an authentic side that you can see especially in its small white villages perched in the north of the island. Renting a sailboat in Ibiza is a real pleasure and you will discover both beaches with trendy restaurants and the most discreet coves. When sailing in the Balearic Islands, renting a boat in Formentera is unavoidable. Formentera is very close by boat and thanks to the lack of an airport there is no mass tourism. It is a small, flat and fairly arid island where the beaches can be compared to the most beautiful beaches in the world: the water has various shades of blue and there are fine white sand beaches. It is like a dream: once the tourists leave, the beaches belong to you and there is nothing better than diving in the crystal clear sea with the feeling of being alone in the world. 


Then don't wait any longer! Well served by flights, the Balearic Islands are a magnificent cruise destination. It is difficult to discover all at once, but they will give you an opportunity to return.

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