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Discover the most beautiful mooring spots in Croatia

Named  "the land of 1,000 islands", Croatia is a real paradise for sea and navigation lovers with its almost 6,000 kilometers of coastline. If you are passionate about mooring, which consists of anchoring your boat, Croatia and its countless mooring areas is the ideal destination for you. In fact, the distance between the islands is quite short, and the possibilities of anchoring are many. Mooring near the coast is a real immersion in nature that allows you to explore the surroundings and is one of the favourite activities for those who rent a boat in Croatia. Get inspired by our selection of the most beautiful moorings in Croatia. You will find breathtaking panoramas, turquoise water and relax.


Mlini beach, a lost paradise


Located on the island of Mrinkovac near Hvar, the beach of Mlini is a hidden paradise. With clear coves, Mlini beach is a mooring spot you will remember. Far from the crowds, it is the perfect place where you can dive and swim in warm, clear waters. The beach of Mlini is also the ideal place for nature lovers. Calm and relax will be the main characteristics of this small preserved paradise.


The island of Solta, a gastronomic mooring 


Located in the bay of Banja, Solta Island is an exceptional mooring spot you should not skip during your cruise in Croatia. With its numerous vineyards and olive groves, the island of Solta is a renowned mooring spot for gourmet lovers who come to discover the excellent olive oil or wild rosemary honey. Explore the numerous coves on the island and do not forget the traditional ritual known as "Mrduja rope pulling", a ribald tale of intra island rivalry with the nearby island of Brac that has become an annual celebration. 

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The island of Vis, authenticity in a wild environment


The island of Vis has many mooring areas surrounded by unspoiled and wild nature. Wild beaches, pine trees, turquoise water... The surroundings offer quiet moorings that are the perfect choice for those who are looking for simplicity and authenticity. The keyword of this place is respecting the environment and it is top priority for the inhabitants of this small island. A small anecdote: the island of Vis and its wild landscapes were the set for the film Mamma Mia 2. 


Sveti Ivan, the white pebble beach 


Sveti Ivan beach is located near the village of Lubenice on the island of Cres, where you should try the experience of renting a boat. It is considered one of the most beautiful pebble beaches in Croatia and is also ranked 15th among the 40 most beautiful beaches in the world. It is impossible to reach it by car and it difficult to reach by walking. So renting a boat is the best way to explore this little corner of paradise. The beach is therefore rarely packed with tourists and when mooring here you will be able to relax and experience complete tranquillity in this idyllic environment.

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The list of the most beautiful moorings in Croatia could continue... Let yourself be tempted by Croatia and its islands with their paradisiacal landscapes and discover unforgettable moorings. 

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