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Grande Anse, an oasis of peace in Martinique

Would you like to enjoy your charter boat in Martinique and you are looking for a small corner of paradise? Are you looking for a postcard landscape? We recommend sailing to the municipality of Les Anses-d'Arlet and its magnificent beaches. Located at the southwest end of Martinique, on the Caribbean Sea, this place is located in an exceptional location from which you can discover numerous beaches bordered by tropical forest that have preserved their natural charm. Among these, we invite you to discover the Grande Anse in Martinique, a dream beach and one of the largest in Martinique. 


Grande Anse, a small charming place 

Grande Anse is not just a beach: in fact, La Grande Anse belongs to the municipality of Anses-d'Arlet which was the place where in the 17th century a Caribbean Indian chief named Arlet lived until 1648 with the French settlers. A real commune since 1862, it is now one of the most touristy on the island. Despite passing of time, the small Creole houses with their colourful facades have been preserved and radiate a true authentic atmosphere. Grande Anse is a pretty village where modest houses are lined up on the water. This place is also very popular among locals who like to come for a picnic with family or watch the sunset with friends, holding a glass of ti-punch. 

grande anse d'arlet martinique

Grande Anse, a dream beach 

The beach of Grande Anse in Martinique is located 1 km from the village in the direction of Les Trois Îlets. Turquoise water, coconut palms, colourful Creole houses: Grande Anse beach is a fabulous beach worthy of the best postcards. It is also one of the most beautiful moorings on the island: on board a sailing boat or a catamaran, Grande Anse is the ideal place to moor during your cruise. The place is well protected from the winds and has a large pier that will allow you to easily dock and shop in the village grocery store or just have a drink with your feet on the beach. 

As long as the number of visitors concern, the beach is almost empty during the week and "crowded during the weekends": in fact, if you are looking for a moment of relax and calm, we recommend you to go to Grande Anse during the week. On Saturdays, the atmosphere is more familiar while on Sundays the beach welcomes people who come to have fun in the many bars and restaurants along the beach. Choose carefully the day of your arrival to make the most of this corner of paradise. 

The Grande Anse beach in Martinique and its turquoise waters are not only appreciated by tourists. In fact, it is very popular among locals who like to come with friends or family. It is true that Grande Anse beach is a dream beach where you can practice many activities. You can try one of the many restaurants serving local cuisine. On the menu you will find fresh fish and grilled lobsters and you can eat with your feet in the sand. You can also enjoy the sunset while sipping a glass of ti-punch. 

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Grand Anse, an incredible seabed

When you set sail for La Grande Anse in Martinique, don't forget these two accessories: the mask and the snorkel. In fact, the beach is the cradle of green turtles and you don't have to go very far to meet them because you will find the grass near the shore. You have a good chance of seeing the turtles as they feed. Being able to see the turtles and swim alongside them is a privilege. It is also important to remember that you must adopt a respectful attitude and that you must not disturb, touch or, above all, buy them. Turtles are not the only animals that you can meet: in fact, you can find yourself face to face with magnificent tropical fish. Don't think about anything and admire this magnificent spectacle of nature! 

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The Grande Anse in Martinique is a real oasis of peace that you should definitely discover by renting a catamaran or a sailboat in Martinique. Among coconut palms, white sand, turquoise water, incredible seabed and the chance to see turtles, you will not want to leave this place that has preserved its authenticity despite its popularity among tourists. Don't wait any longer and sail to this little corner of paradise!

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