jacques cousteau underwater reserve

Jacques Cousteau underwater reserve in Guadeloupe: a unique experience

Are you enjoying your rental boat in Guadeloupe? Would you like to live a unique experience? Guadeloupe with its butterfly shape, gentle lifestyle, sandy beaches and culture is an incredible destination. Whether on land or at sea, everyone will find something interesting for their tastes and there is a hude choice of activities. If you are a nature lover and if you are a snorkeler, Guadeloupe is a nature paradise because the island is home to one of the most beautiful diving sites in the world: Jacques Cousteauunderwater reserve. You can discover corals, tropical fish, sea turtles and even hear the song of humpback whales. Your experience in this magical place will give you unforgettable memories. If you are on holiday in Guadeloupe, let yourself be tempted and immerse yourself in the magical and colourful world of the Cousteau underwater reserve! 

Jaques Costeau underwater reserve, what is it?

Jaques Cousteau underwater reserve in Guadeloupe is one of the most beautiful tourist sites on the island: located just minutes from the beach of Malendure in the town of Bouillante, on the Lower-Terre side of the island, this underwater reserve belongs to the Guadeloupe National Park. It has become the ideal place for scuba diving due to its exceptional fauna and flora. The Jaques Cousteau underwater reserve is located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, where the average temperature is around 26 degrees and consists of over 1,000 hectares of seabed. Here you can admire coral reefs, tropical fish, green turtles, lobsters, moray eels, seahorses and dolphins. Underwater you will collect unforgettable memories and sensations.


The history of Jacques Cousteau's marine reserve 

Jacques Cousteau underwater reserve in Guadeloupe is a story of passion. Today, in fact, this reserve has become an essential site for scuba diving, and owes its origin to the passion of a man for the seabed: Jean-Yves Cousteau, an officer in the French Navy and French oceanographic explorer. Nicknamed "Commander Cousteau", he was a true sea enthusiast. Wishing to discover the depths of the oceans, he perfected the principle of the autonomous diving suit with the engineer Émile Gagnan. It was at the end of 1959, off the Pigeon Islands in Guadeloupe, that Commander Cousteau and his team tested one of the first underwater exploration vehicles with portholes. However, a technical accident influenced this test and the team took advantage of the repair time to dive into the waters of the Pigeon Islands. They found a place of rare beauty and became aware of its fragility. Commander Cousteau immediately asked to protect this underwater paradise. In order to protect the site, rules were put in place to protect it, such as the rules on fishing and navigation. In 2004, a statue of Commander Cousteau was submerged 12 metres below the surface on the "Jardin de Corail" site to pay tribute to this great ocean lover. 

statue commander cousteau guadalupe

Exceptional fauna and flora 

The ecosystem of the Cousteau reserve is exceptional and offers you a spectacle that you will not forget. This incredible discovery is not only for experienced divers: diving in the Cousteau reserve in Guadeloupe is accessible to everyone! Many diving clubs offer introduction classe to explore the reserve in safety and respecting the environment. In the midst of the warm and calm turquoise sea, enjoy an experience that will remain in your memory: admire the colorful tropical fish, including the famous parrot fish, lobsters, shrimps and sea turtles. If you are lucky, you may have the privilege of meeting the sleeping rays or sharks. At certain times of the year you can swim with dolphins or meet the majestic humpback whales. Even if you only see them from afar, being able to observe these animals is a wonderful sight and a privilege offered by nature. 

It is important to note that, despite its beauty, this ecosystem is very fragile. Indeed it is important to respect this place and the rules to preserve it in the best possible way. 

cousteau underwater reserve

During your next holiday in Guadeloupe, whether you are a nature lover, a scuba diver or simply you want to have an unforgettable experience, you cannot miss the magnificent Jacques Cousteau underwater reserve in Guadeloupe. You will hape the opportunity to swim in one of the most beautiful dive sites on the planet and it will be one of the most beautiful memories of your holiday in Guadeloupe

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