kalymnos island

Kalymnos, the authentic soul of the Dodecanese


Located in the Dodecanese archipelago, between the Cyclades and the Turkish coast, Kalymnos is known as the island of the best natural sponges in the world. This activity, which has been the glory and pride of the inhabitants, is an integral part of the island's identity and a fewfamilies continue the tradition still today. Unlike the popular Santorini, Corfu or Mykonos, the island of Kalymnos is more discreet and tourism is not yet developed. So why not hiring a boat in Kalymnos? When you hire a boat in the Dodecanese, you can leave from the island of Kos or the island of Rhodes, and then explore the surrounding islands including Kalymnos. On this small mountainous island, you can enjoy beautiful walks through pristine landscapes, beaches and coves, explore authentic villages and admire amazing sunsets! Come with us, we will take you to discover this wild but extraordinary island


What can you do in Kalymnos?

When you arrive, you will almost instantly feel the traditional atmosphere of Kalymnos. The island has many treasures you can discover:

  • Pothia, the capital: it is the main port and capital of Kalymnos. Boats arrive here from Athens and especially from the island of Kos. You will find a multitude of small cafes and restaurants typical of Kalymnos, but on the other hand, there are not many beaches. We recommend you to visit the Monastery of Agios Savvas, which is located on top of a hill and dominates the entire city of Pothia. Climbing to the top is not easy, but once you get there, you will forget about everything and you will be fascinated by the extraordinary view!

  • The village of Vathy: if you're looking for quiet and authentic landscapes, a trip to Valthy, the greenest part of Kalymnos, is a must! Before the development of tourism, Vathy was just a small village of farmers and fishermen. The village is located in an isthmus that resembles a very narrow fjord. You can also visit the oldest church on the island.

  • The village of Horio: perched on the heights, you will find the historic village of the island. Here are the ruins of the ancient fortress that allowed the inhabitants to resist for many years to the attacks of pirates.

  • The island of Telendos: also named the "little sister of Kalymnos" and located only two miles from it, it is said that the island of Telendos was once attached to Kalymnos but that it separated after an earthquake. Vehicles are not allowed here and tourists come to visit the island for a day. On board your sailboat or catamaran, you can access the hidden beaches and coves and explore the many caves in the area. 

panoramic view of the island of telendos

The beaches of the island 

Not yet involved in the phenomenon of mass tourism, Kalymnos offers beautiful beaches, many coves and hidden bays, bathed in turquoise and crystal clear waters. As for the seabed, they are rich in colorful cliffs and exceptional underwater fauna. Here is our selection of the most beautiful beaches on the island: 

  • Massouri beach: this fine sandy beach is located 9 km from the capital and is the main beach on the island. This beach is quite crowded in summer: you can practice many water sports such as water skiing and canoeing, but you will also find deck chairs and umbrellas to chill out.

  • Akti beach: this fine sandy beach is located near the village of Vathy. It is ideal if you are looking for peace and quiet in a heavenly setting!

  • Myrties beach: this pebble beach and its picturesque fishing port is located 8 km from Pothia, the capital of the island. From here you can also enjoy a magnificent view of the island of Telendos!

  • Emborios beach: in this place you will have the feeling of being at the end of the world. This pebble beach and its clear waters are ideal for those looking for quietness and relax. 

kalymnos beach

Boat hire in Greece is the ideal choice if you want to spend an adventurous stay in a beautiful setting! The Dodecanese is a true paradise for pleasure boats with exceptional moorings. So don't miss the opportunity to explore Kalymnos, an island that is still very discreet and quiet, but that has nice surprises. Many people have fallen in love with Kalymnos and have moved there...

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