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The essential stages of a cruise on Lot in France


A preserved river, rich fauna and flora, spectacular landscapes... Set sail for an unforgettable journey on River Lot in France! If you choose to sail on River Lot in France, you will discover one of the most fascinating and unspoilt regions of France, but above all one of the most beautiful rivers in the country. Sailing at your own pace along the water you will be able to admire an incredible variety of landscapes including limestone cliffs, picturesque villages, caves, green hills and magnificent castles. Your cruise on Lot in France will be marked by 17 manual locks that you can operate yourself, which will give you the opportunity to be the captain on the river and immerse yourself in an old atmosphere. In this article you will find all the essential steps that will make your cruise on the Lot in France unforgettable! 


Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, the most beautiful village in France

Perched on a cliff 100 meters above the Lot in France, the village of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is a major stage and one of the main sites of the Lot Valley. This medieval village is classified as "The most beautiful village in France" and was elected "favorite village of the French" in 2012. During your stay, don't forget to discover the village on foot and let yourself be surprised by the architecture and the fortified gates. Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is a classified site that includes 13 historical monuments, which has preserved all its heritage and which will fascinate you. It is a true paradise for artists. In fact, it was the poet and writer André Breto who introduced this village that fascinated him and in which he spent the last summers of his life. An essential stop during your cruise on the Lot! 

saint-cirq-lapopie village

The Valentré Bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site 

From your boat, you'll be amazed by the Valentré bridge, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998, which is the pride and one of the reasons why the town of Cahors is known. A true testimony to medieval architecture, the bridge was built in more than half a century. Have you ever heard of the legend of the "Devil of the Valentré Bridge"? According to it, the architect could not complete his work, he called Satan and made a pact with him. Satan decided to help him by all means and to obey him, in exchange for the architect's soul. The architect decided to deceive the Devil because he did't want to lose his soul. In revenge, the Devil sent a devil every night to open the last stone of the central tower. Don't forget to look up to see the devil hanging from his stone! 

Valentré Bridge

Cahors, the ancient city 

Your cruise on the Lot will be an opportunity to explore Cahors, a thousand-year-old city with so many beauties to discover. This stage of your cruise will seduce both lovers of cultural heritage and lovers of the art of living. You can easily explore the city by walk, as all the interesting visits to make are concentrated in the historic centre. Don't miss a visit to the famous Valentré Bridge, the Saint-Étienne Cathedral, the Secret Gardens. Don't forget to visit the Cahors market, which is held every Wednesday and Saturday morning and is considered one of the most beautiful markets in the south-west with its colors and flavors. Cahors is the ideal starting point for your cruise on Lot in France. 

panorama of the city of cahors

The cliffs of Bouziès, an extraordinary place 

The cliffs of Bouziès are so high that some say that they rise to the sky and, in fact, they reach up to 80 meters! You will be impressed by the limestone cliffs, a true natural heritage. In the past the cliffs were used to protect themselves as the fortification of the castle of the Anglais or for example the village of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie others were built nearby to dominate the surroundings. The cliffs offer an extraordinary view to yachtsmen and, once you get there, you will feel very small.

cliffs of bouziès

Luzech, the atypical village 

The village of Luzech is a peninsula that forms one of the most spectacular sites in the Lot Valley. The village is located in the vineyards of the Cahors wine, surrounded by the Lot River, at the gates of Cahors. The village offers a rich cultural and historical heritage and breathtaking landscapes that you can discover by sailing or walking around among the wild orchids.


village of luzech

Hiring a houseboat on the Lot will be an opportunity to discover a wild and preserved nature. Sailing at the foot of the dizzying cliffs will give you unforgettable sensations! On the other hand, if this is your first river cruise, we recommend a cruise along the Canal de la Garonne or a weekend on a houseboat on Canal du Midi because the passage of the Lot locks is a rather sporty activity. If you are already a fan of river navigation, don't miss the opportunity to discover this region, its succession of extraordinary sites and its green valleys. 

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