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Mahe in the Seychelles, a little jewel surrounded by nature

The island of Mahe in the Seychelles is the largest island in the archipelago and is very often the starting point for a trip to the Seychelles and especially for a cruise. Often forgotten by tourists who prefer to explore other islands, Mahe in the Seychelles is a real little treasure in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The island takes its name from Captain Lazare Picault who, on his return to the island in 1744, gave the islands this name in honor of its governor, Mahè de La Bourdonnais. One of the first names given to the island was that of "island of abundance" because it is rich in breathtaking places. In this article, we will explain why, with boat hire in the Seychelles, it is important to stay on the island of Mahè and discover its magnificent landscapes, tropical forests, dream beaches with turquoise waters and much more! 

A visit to Victoria, the fascinating capital of the country 

Located northeast of Mahè, Victoria is the capital of the Seychelles and is a charming small city. With its approximately 25,000 inhabitants, it is the smallest capital in the world, but it is full of joy and has much to offer its visitors. Here is an idea of the visits not to be missed during your visit to the capital. 

  • The Clock Tower: it is a miniature reproduction of London Big Ben and the emblematic monument of the capital of the Seychelles. Located in the city center and in the middle of a crossroads, it is one of the most important monuments of the city and also a real landmark for the inhabitants of the capital.

  • Sir Selwyn Clarke Market: Located just five minutes from the Clock Tower, it is a must when discovering the capital. Open Monday to Saturday, this market is a concentration of colours and scents, with its spieces and fruits. Walk through the alleys like the locals, enjoy a nice mango juice or delicious grilled fish.

  • Temple of Arul Mihu Navarasakthi Vinayagar: located near the market, this is the only Hindu temple in the Seychelles. The Indian community of the Seychelles has about 2,000 people and in 1992 this building was built because some Indian families asked to build it. Immerse yourself for a moment in the heart of Indian spirituality: fumes of incense, statues and colorful ornaments: you will feel like in another world. Admission to the temple is totally free, but you must take off your shoes and of course wear appropriate clothing during the visit. This place will leave you speechless.

During your visit to the capital, you will discover also the Botanical Garden, the abandoned cemetery of Bel Air and the Museum of Natural History. We guarantee you that you will be fascinated by this small capital where all the past cultures of the Seychelles have left their mark. 

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The most beautiful beaches 

Sea lovers will be amazed by Mahe in the Seychelles. In fact, the island is full of magnificent beaches surrounded by granite rocks and turquoise waters that make everyone dream. Among the 60 beaches of the island, here is a short selection of the most beautiful beaches of Mahe. 

  • Anse Royale: one of the most popular beaches in Mahe. It is a popular beach where you can practice many activities in a paradisiacal environment: scuba diving, water skiing and fishing. This beach is also suitable for swimming and snorkeling thanks to the coral reef that protects from the waves. 

  • Anse à la Mouche: located to the south-west of Mahè, it is a beautiful beach suitable for families. It is an ideal beach for swimming and snorkeling because the sea is very calm and the water is shallow and to admire beautiful sunsets.

  • Anse Intendance: located south of Mahe, this beach is considered by many the most beautiful on the island. It has all the characteristics of a paradise beach with white sand, granite rocks and turquoise water. A rather wild beach, but you have to be careful during the monsoon season because it can be dangerous to swim.

  • Takamaka Cove: this beautiful beach in the southwest of Mahè takes its name from Takamaka, a kind of tropical tree, which borders the beach. This beach offers a unique underwater world of golden sand and is ideal for snorkeling. 

The list of Mahè beaches where you can relax during your stay is still long as the island has about sixty beaches, but in any case, you won't be disappointed by these dream beaches. 

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Start your holiday in paradise in Mahè in Seychelles. The island offers many exceptional sites to visit, dream beaches, abundant flora and fauna. If you dream of escaping to a postcard environment, the island of Mahè will be your paradise! 

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