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 mljet island

Mljet island: a wild and authentic island

Discovering small paradisiacal islands, the most beautiful sunsets, having privileged access to preserved places: all this makes boat rental in Croatia fascinating and unique. If you would like to be as close to nature as possible, recharge your batteries and relax, Mljet island is the ideal destination for you. Also named "the green island", Mljet is a paradise of nature and quietness. In fact, the forest covers 70% of the island which is home to one of the most beautiful nature parks in Croatia. As you may have already noticed, Mljet island is an essential destination if you would like to discover the natural beauty of Croatia.

What to do on Mljet island? 

Although Mljet island is not very large, there are many activities you can do on the island. In fact, you can spend several days on the island without the risk of getting bored. As most of the island is covered with forests and it is home to one of the most beautiful nature parks in Croatia, the best activity to practice on the islan is hiking or having long walks in the forest where you can admire the typical landscapes of Croatia with its clear waters and its Mediterranean vegetation. Here is our short selection of places not to be missed during your holiday on Mljet island: 

  • The village of Pomena and its port: Pomena, a small village with a small and picturesque port, is worth a visit. It has 50 inhabitants, most of whom are farmers or fishermen. Also, the village is located just 15 minutes walk from the small lake of Mljet National Park.
  • Polace is one of the largest and oldest villages on the island. Located in one of the most beautiful bays on the island (Luka Polace), Polace is a natural harbour, an excellent anchorage point for boat rentals and a magnificent place to go swimming. Here you can also admire the remains of an ancient palace that dates back to the 5th century.
  • Govedari: perched in the mountains, the village of Govedari is a charming village surrounded by vegetation. Traditionally known for its agriculture, this village of 200 inhabitants iwill offer you a magnificent view of the hills, vineyards and olive groves. 
  • The village of Saplunara: with its 30 inhabitants it is the easternmost village on the island. It is known for its pine forest but especially for its fine sandy beaches.

For nature lovers, Mljet island is a paradise. The National Park of the island, which is worth a special visit, consists of two large bays connected by the sea and called "salt lakes": the Great Lake and the Small Lake. In one of the lakes you will find the islet of Sainte Marie, where you can visit the 12th century Dominican monastery. Today a symbol of the National Park, is linked to many legends. According to one of them, Mljet island was the holiday destination of the Greek hero Ulysses. The island also has the richest flora and fauna in Croatia. For all those who might be afraid to see snakes, you won't find any on the island. According to anecdotes, in order to eliminate these reptiles, the inhabitants of the island introduced mongooses to the island and in fact there are many examples of this animal. 

salt lake mljet

A wild and preserved pearl 

If you are looking for wild bays, fine sandy beaches and turquoise water, Mljet island is the perfect destination. Mljet island and its crystal clear water are ideal for diving. The oceanographic explorer Jacques Cousteau stated that Mljet island is one of the most beautiful underwater destinations in the world. For sport lovers, it is also possible to practice windsurfing or kayaking. It is also known that Mljet island is the ideal place for those who like to play at being explorers: the island is full of caves to explore on board your boat. The most famous is the cave of Ulysses where, according to legend, during the Odyssey, Ulysses found refuge and where you can enter by boat. Here is a short selection of the most beautiful beaches and coves on the island: 

  • Saplunara beach: it is a sandy beach, quite rare in Croatia, located in the south-western part of the island. It is a protected area and is perfect for families because its waters are shallow. This beach is ideal to enjoy the sea, sand and nature.

  • Blace Bay: located about 20 minutes walk from Saplunara beach, Blace Bay is often compared to a tropical lagoon. With its pine trees and fine sand, it is ideal for families and for all those who like to enjoy the holidays away from the crowds. 

    boat mooring island of mljet

As you may have guessed, Mljet island is a true paradise. Visitors choose the island for its peaceful lifestyle, magnificent beaches, turquoise waters, lush nature and typical villages. Mljet island is definitely the most beautiful and green island in the Adriatic Sea and it is ideal if you want to explore the fauna and flora and enjoy nature. Have the unforgettable experience of swimming at dawn in crystal clear waters illuminated by the morning sun. On Mljet island, peace and silence reign in an exceptional environment. Don't wait any longer and set sail for this little paradise! 

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