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Home Magazine Sailing Bliss: Arthur and Friends' Unforgettable Week from Ajaccio to the South of Corsica

Sailing Bliss: Arthur and Friends' Unforgettable Week from Ajaccio to the South of Corsica

At the end of June, Arthur and his nine friends rented a sailing boat in Corsica for a week from Ajaccio on board a Dufour 460 GL.

In this article you will find their itinerary and highlights of their cruise.

Town of Ajaccio
City of Ajaccio (Source: AdobeStock)

A week of sailing with friends!

Arthur, who has been an avid sailor for many years, decided to sail in Cose with his friends. Having sailed the Atlantic many times before, he discovered the Island of Beauty and the Mediterranean, where he had never sailed before!

"We all wanted to sail together, but we didn't have a clear idea of where to go. One of our friends suggested Corsica, the area was suitable for everyone, so we went!"

Departing from Ajaccio, they sailed up the west coast of Corsica to set course for Bonifacio and the Lavezzi Islands, where they enjoyed one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the Mediterranean.

The group of friends sailing in Corsica
The group of friends while sailing in Corsica (Source: Arthur)

The Dufour 460 GL

L'AGRASOT, their sailing boat, a Dufour, was from 2016 and had recently been renovated. It had 4 cabins and could accommodate 10 people.

Dufour 460 GL
The Dufour 460 GL (Source: Dufour)

"We were happy with the general condition of the boat, everything worked well. We knew we wouldn't have much room with 10 people in a boat designed for that many people, so we weren't disappointed! In terms of performance, we sailed at 15 knots when the wind allowed."

The sailing yacht Dufour 460 GL is an elegant and powerful vessel that offers a first-class sailing experience. With a length of 15 metres, it offers plenty of space and is clearly laid out on board. Its modern design and solid hull gives it high stability and excellent seaworthiness. With its luxurious and comfortable interior, the Dufour 460 GL is the ideal choice for sailing enthusiasts looking for a first-class cruising experience.

The itinerary of the crew

They had planned the route of their sailing trip partly in advance, as they wanted to sail to the Lavezzi Islands but also pass Bonifacio.

  • Day 1: Ajaccio → La Cala d'Orzo (15 nautical miles, 2 hours)
  • Day 2: La Cala d'Orzo → Bay of Roccapina (22 nautical miles, 3 hours)
  • Day 3: Bay of Roccapina → Cavallo Island (20 nautical miles, 3 hours)
  • Day 4: Cavallo Island → Bonifacio (7 nautical miles, 1 hour)
  • Day 5: Bonifacio → Anse d'Abbartello (31 nautical miles, 4 hours)
  • Day 6: Anse d'Abbartello → Porto Pollo (5 nautical miles, 1 hour)
  • Day 7: Porto Pollo → Ajaccio (22 nautical miles, 3 hours)
The itinerary of the crew in South Corsica from Ajaccio
The crew's itinerary (clickable map)

The crew's favourite anchorages

La cala d'Orzo

After taking over the boat in the port of Ajaccio, at the end of the first day, the crew headed for Cala d'Orzo, which was 15 nautical miles south of their starting point. Considered one of the most beautiful unspoilt beaches in Corsica, Cala d'Orzo is unique and intimate as it is very difficult to access from land. Most visitors therefore come from the sea by boat.

La Cala d'Orzo
Cala d'Orzo (Source: Adobe Stock)

The Bay of Roccapina

The bay of Roccapina is a 500 m long bay with a white sandy beach and turquoise waters. The beach is surrounded by pink granite rocks, which through erosion have carved a lion into the rock of one of the cliffs.

The Bay of Roccapina
The bay of Roccapina (Source: Arthur)

The island of Cavallo

Cavallo Island is known for its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere. With its fine sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and lush vegetation, the island offers an idyllic setting to relax and unwind. Cavallo, which is part of the Lavezzi Islands, is also known for hosting several billionaires with their magnificent villas and luxury residences that blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. With its exclusive and unspoilt atmosphere, Cavallo Island is a true oasis for nature lovers and those seeking tranquillity. On the island, the crew anchored in Cala di Zeri, which is located in the northeast of the island.

The island of Cavallo
Cavallo Island (Source: Adobe Stock)


Perched on a limestone cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, Bonifacio is an iconic Corsair town with imposing ramparts and narrow streets, offering a unique blend of history and stunning scenery. Located in the very south of the island, it is considered one of the most beautiful towns. During the sailing trip, the crew anchored in the harbour and took a walk through the small streets of the city.

The town of Bonifacio from its port
The town of Bonifacio from the port (Source: Adobe Stock)

The story of her cruise

"After our embarkation in the Gulf of Ajaccion on the first day, we went straight to our first anchorage in Cala d'Orzo."

The crew sailed between 2 and 4 hours a day, they used the engine very little during their week and enjoyed some good winds.

The team at the helm!
The crew at the wheel! (Source: Arthur)

"We enjoyed the beautiful weather and the sea this week! We went swimming every day, in the morning after getting up. We only just missed a storm, but overall the weather was on our side".

Their best memories

"Our favourite anchorage was Cavallo in the Lavezzi Islands, this island of billionaires was absolutely stunning! The water is turquoise, the relief magnificent ... it's a unique landscape! "

Arthur's group of friends on the boat
The Group of Friends (Source: Arthur)


I would like to thank Arthur for taking the time to write this article! To all the crew: Thank you for sending us the photos that allow us to share some memories of your trip!

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