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3 good reasons to discover Pag island in Croatia

Located near Zadar, Pag island, 60 km long, with 8,000 inhabitants and 30,000 sheep, is the fifth largest island in Croatia. The island is characterized by a desert and almost lunar landscape, but is also known for its olive groves dating back more than 1,500 years, salt production and its famous sheep's cheese "Paški sir". The island of Pag is different from the other islands in Croatia and will surprise you! If you are still waiting to embark on this adventure, here you will find 3 good reasons to choose Pag island as your next holiday destination when renting a boat in Croatia.


1. An island with two "faces"

It is often said that the island of Pag is an island with two faces. In fact, part of the island is swept by "bora", a continental wind, and the landscape is dominated by the rock. Without any trace of vegetation, in front of your eyes you will find a real lunar landscape. Most visitors feel like they are on the moon when they get to Pag island. Don't miss an excursion in the middle of this beautiful and unreal landscape. The other side of the island is protected from the winds and is covered in green woods and vineyards. You can't help but feel the charm of this island full of contrasts and where nature is still untouched

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2. An island rich in history and traditions 

Pag is an island rich in history and tradition. In fact, the island has inherited a rather turbulent past, having been at its expense the scene of Nazi violence. In fact, a concentration camp was established on the island and more than 8,500 people died there. It was only at the end of the 19th century that Croatian was reintroduced as the official language, and only at the end of the 1950s Pag island become part of Croatia. It was only in the 1960s that Pag island in Croatia began to open up to tourism. Besides discovering an island rich in history, during your stay you will have the opportunity to discover many traditions including dances, songs, the summer carnival which is celebrated in July and which is the oldest on the Adriatic, the processions of August 15. You can't help but taste the many local specialties that have made the island famous, such as the famous sheep's cheese "Paški sir", which has received numerous awards in the most renowned international competitions. Sheep can be found everywhere on the island of Pag, as well as ancient olive trees, and the island has been producing salt for more than 1,000 years and is the capital of lace. You will discover many treasures during your holiday on Pag island in Croatia!

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3. An island with magnificent beaches and coves 

Pag is an island rich in small hidden bays that will allow you to enjoy the sun and quiet landscapes of the northern Adriatic. Pag island is rich in beaches and coves of any kinds: small coves, wide beaches, sandy beaches, pebbles, surrounded by arid surroundings or green bays. Among the most beautiful beaches on Pag island we recommend Strasko beach - a pebble beach surrounded by a magnificent forest - and Lokunje beach, where the water is turquoise and the seabed is shallow. We also recommend Planjk beach, a beautiful sandy beach with shallow waters that has been awarded the Blue Flag and has been voted several times as the most beautiful and cozy beach on the Adriatic and, finally, Rucica beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on Pag island. Located in the eastern part of the island and hidden behind a rocky hill, this beach is ideal for those who want to connect with nature between the rocks and the crystal clear sea. 

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If we had to summarize the island of Pag with a few adjectives, we could say that it is surprising and beautiful. With your charter boat on Pag island in Croatia you will discover lunar landscapes, the deep blue of the Adriatic, history and traditions, beautiful bays accessible only by boat... So don't hesitate any longer and let yourself be tempted by Pag island for your next holiday to Croatian islands!

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