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Sailing to Corfou, the most beautiful of the Ionian Islands

Crystal clear water, exceptional moorings, excellent sailing conditions, sheltered bays and heavenly beaches... Corfou has everything you need for a dream holiday. With its 641 km² and 220 km of coastline, it is one of the largest Greek islands. Corfou is a cosmopolitan island rich in many cultural influences: located between Italy and Albania, it has attracted over the years sailors, merchants, artists of various nationalities: Venetian, English, French... Each one has left its mark, in the architecture, in the cuisine or in the traditions. Included in the UNESCO world heritage list, Corfou is often referred to as a "special destination" and "the other Greece". If you decided to hire a boat in Greece this year, don't forget to visit Corfou, whose wild beauty will seduce you. 


The must-see

If you hire a sailboat in Corfou or you are passing by, Corfou will seduce you. Here is our selection of things to see and do during your holiday in Corfou: 

  • The historical centre: one of the places not to be missed! Included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the historic centre of Corfou is considered one of the most beautiful in Greece. The atmosphere you breathe will surely remind you of Italy. Stroll around and get lost in its narrow streets, enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea from the top of the old citadel, admire the buildings with their Venetian architecture, enjoy a coffee in a café in the squares or under the arches of Liston.

  • The Kanoni peninsula and the island of Pontikonisi: you'll see them on all Corfou postcards. On the first small island there is a white church that is connected to the mainland by a pier. On the second islet, Pontikonisi, which in Greek means "little mouse", there is an old monastery, but this island is best known for its history. In fact, according to legend, it is the rock where Ulysses crashed with his ship after escaping from the nymph Calypso. In Homer's version, this island would actually be Ulysses' boat, transformed into a rock by the God of the sea and oceans, Poseidon. This place is often crowded and so we recommend you to visit it in the morning.

  • The village of Perithia: when you go on holiday to the heart of a very tourist destination, finding yourself in a timeless place may be the best choice. Why not taking a walk through the ghost town / abandoned village of Perithia? This small village built in the 14th century under Byzantine rule is now a protected site and its 130 stone houses on the island are currently being restored. In the midst of olive trees, vineyards and sheep, you will find an oasis of quietness in the heart of nature. This visit will be an opportunity to immerse yourself in the past of Corfou and enjoy a breathtaking view. 

kanoni peninsula

The most beautiful beaches of Cofou

In Corfou there is such a variety of beaches that you'll be spoilt for choice. Ideally, you can sail around the island and look for bays that have been preserved from mass tourism. Transparent water, fine sand, caves... These are our favourite beaches in Corfou:

  • Paléokastritsa Bay: during your sailing cruise to Corfou, don't miss a visit to Paléokastritsa Bay and its six small coves separated by rocks. The place is also famous for the beauty of its seabed and its magnificent blue caves. A real little paradise!

  • Agios Gordios beach: surrounded by olive trees, vineyards and rocks, Agios Gordios is one of the most popular beaches in Corfou. This beach of sand and pebbles did not lose its charm and authenticity despite its popularity: you can indeed swim in its clear and shallow waters. You van get there from the sea on board your sailboat or by walking, walking on a path surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.

  • Myrtiotissa beach: considered by many as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, Myrtiotissa beach is surrounded by cliffs and wild vegetation. You can swim in the clear blue waters that bathe the beach, relax on its golden sand and explore its rich seabed. It is a truly unique and relaxing place and you would like to go back.

  • Paradise Beach: a natural beauty! Accessible only by sea, you will be fascinated by its imposing cliffs, a beach with honey-colored sand, clear water. Completely cut off from civilization, you can enjoy this unique place in complete quietness and even swim to the cave that is inaccessible by walking. This beach is ideal if you want to get away from touristi places and enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. 

Paradise beach

In Corfou you will spend a holiday full of discoveries! A real little jewel with Italian charm, Corfou is a green island and rich in history between sea and mountains. On board your sailboat, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches and coves of the Ionian Islands. You will feel completely in another dimension amidst olive groves, vineyards and picturesque villages. Start planning your holiday with friends and family on this majestic Greek island.

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