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Why opting for skippered yacht charter?

Are you dreaming about a holiday on a sailing boat but you do not have a boat license to sail? No problem, skippered yacht charter is the solution for you, helping you to appreciate the pleasures of sailing or to consolidate your knowledge of sailing. Contrary to popular belief, a sailing holiday is not expensive and it is the best way to discover a place from a different perspective even without a sailing license, that is mandatory in Italy when sailing more than 6 miles away from the coast. 

Hiring a sailboat, with or without a skipper, is a unique experience in many ways and it is one of the best ways to rediscover your relationship with nature and the sea. Sailing means freedom of route and thought, it is commitment, effort and great passion for the sea. Opting for skippered yacht charter means enjoying all these feelings by relying on an experienced skipper who will lead the boat in total safety, giving you nice moments of relax and flawless. 


What does the skipper do?

The skipper is the person who, while sailing, manages the manoeuvres on a boat of which he or she is the captain, as well as a professional of the sea to all intents and purposes and has a great knowledge of the geography of the places. This professional figure is in charge of the crew and responds civilly and criminally to the behaviour of the people on the boat. An experienced and professional skipper on board, who has attended a course and passed the next theoretical and practical exam, also deals with emergency procedures and safety management on board the boat. Usually a professional skipper speaks at least two foreign languages and, the more they accumulate experience and nautical miles, the more they can work on that ability to anticipate, predict and prevent what might go wrong on board. In fact, in addition to being an excellent guide to the sea, the skipper must have technical knowledge and be able to repair any problems that may occur on board during navigation and be ready in emergency situations.

The skipper's role is to bring the crew from one place to another, following a route that can vary even daily according to the wishes of passengers, but especially according to winds and weather conditions that the skipper is able to assess better than anyone else. 

skippered yacht charter

The advantages of skippered yacht charter

The benefits of skippered yacht charter are many and a skipper can certainly be helpful even if you are not new to nautisme. Relying on a professional skipper means to fully enjoy a sailing holiday and relax, without forgetting their respective responsibilities. When you opt to skipper yacht charter you don't have to worry about sailing, but if at any time you want to help, the skipper probably won't refuse your help. It is also an excellent opportunity to learn more about, for example, winds, the most difficult knots and even the technique of sailing. Each skipper is different, but they are usually rather flexible, able to meet or anticipate the needs of the crew, as far as possible.

However, keep in mind that the skipper is not available for any need: they are not in charge of the preparation of meals and the food in the galley, a task that is the responsibility of the crew or the hostess, a professional figure who also takes care of cleaning on board. Usually the skipper needs a private cabin to rest in preparation for several hours of navigation and is not required to share with the crew their spare time or to go ashore in the evening and get back late and has the right to rest at night. 

skippered yacht charter

Why choosing a sailing holiday with a skipper?

Sailing is a way of being and living the sea and that you cannot understand until you opt for charterd yacht skipper. A sailing holiday means living a slow and different holiday every day: one day you can sleep in the harbor or in the roadstead, the next day you can wake up in a deserted bay and take a dip before breakfast and you can sleep under the stars.

You may have decided to hire a boat in Naples, but you don't know how to plan your itinerary and you are not sure whether to sail to the islands of the Gulf of Naples, the Pontine Islands or discover the enchanting Campania coast? The skipper, with their knowledge of geography and meterology, can help you and plan with you the perfect holiday. Remember that in a sailing holiday, unpredictability is normal and you will often change plan during your day due to weather conditions. In this case arguing with the skipper is useless because there is no person on board with more experience and knowledge about it. Thanks to the skipper you can discover the quietest coves and bays, the best moorings and why not, even the most typical restaurants. 


skippered yacht charter
Finally, sailing is the best way to learn things about life: you learn the value of simple things and respect for the environment and the sea, you sharpen your ability to adapt and your flexibility, and you learn to live and collaborate in a group of people, but also appreciate pleasant moments of solitude with the wind in your hair, surrounded by silence. Do not wait any longer and get ready to live unforgettable adventures with skippered yacht charter!


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