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The magic of Tobago Cays

In the heart of the Caribbean, the Grenadines archipelago, a true oasis of peace, is a paradise for yachtsmen. In fact, on your charter catamaran in the Grenadines you can enjoy a breathtaking scenery, in which turquoise water and white sand prevail. A cruise to the Grenadines, a true paradise on earth, will leave you with incredible memories and exceptional discoveries. Among these we cannot fail to mention the Tobago Cays, a small archipelago of five uninhabited islands connected by a coral reef and arranged in a horseshoe shape. This complex forms a magical marine park, one of the most beautiful moorings in the Caribbean, which was also the location for the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean and the Curse of the Black Pearl. Does all this make you dream? We'll tell you more about this exceptional destination in this article. 

How to get to Tobago Cays and where to moor? 

The only way to reach the Tobago Cays, or the islands of Tobago, is by boat. Most visitors use tour operators who offer several day trips, but if you hire your sailboat or catamaran, mooring in this corner of paradise is quite easy. However, the mooring is not free to better preserve the area and the rangers come every day to collect the daily fee which is about 3 euros per person. It is also essential to make proper use of the buoys and moorings in the protected area. Due to the popularity of this place you will not be the only ones to moor in the Tobago Cays, but this does not detract from the beauty of the destination and the most important thing is the respect for this magical place. During your mooring you will meet the famous "Boat Boys", who will offer you fresh bread, fish and vegetables every morning. Whichever option you choose to use to discover the Tobago Cays, whether by cruise ship, water taxi, sailboat or catamaran, you will be fascinated by the natural and unspoilt beauty of this jewel of the Grenadines

tobago cays grenadines

What to do in Tobago Cays?

We guarantee that Tobago Cays are the ideal destination for those who love sailing, water sports and nature. Here is an overview of all the activities you can experience in the park: 

  • Swimming with turtles: you can make extraordinary encounters with green turtles in the middle of this turquoise and transparent water. You will have the privilege of swimming alongside them without diving into very deep waters. Remember, of course, that it is essential to respect turtles, not to touch them and not to buy them. There are many turtles in the bays of Tobago and even Jack Sparrow, who was held captive on one of the islands, got the help of two of them to escape. 

  • Enjoy the idyllic beaches: the five islands of the Tobago Cays shelter quiet and unspoilt beaches where you can sunbathe, picnic and swim in the turquoise water. Also, water is usually hot at a temperature of 30 degrees. White sand, coconut palms and a heavenly place await you on these beaches. 

  • Diving or snorkeling: Tobago Cays are home to the most beautiful coral reef in the Caribbean and are therefore an exceptional diving spot. Whether you're a snorkeler or an amateur, there's something for everyone in the depths of Tobago Cays. During this unique experience, you will discover many species such as colorful fish, rays, sharks and especially sea turtles. They will not hesitate to approach you.

  • Water sports: Tobago Cays is also known as a great spot for surfing and kitesurfing. The ones who are more sporty can slide on the turquoise water to the rhythm of the tropical wind. Practising these water sports in such an environment is a dream, isn't it? 

tobago cays sea turtle

When travelling, we often need a "return to origins", to disconnect from everyday life and reconnect with nature. This destination has a lot to offer everyone. Being able to explore places like Tobago Cays, a true paradise, is a privilege and for this reason Tobago Cays is a mandatory stop that will make you discover the wonders of nature also because travelling means above all dreaming

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