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What to do in Elba island in Italy, a paradise in the Tyrrhenian Sea


The largest of the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, Elba island is a wonderful treasure, rich in biodiversity, that never ceases to amaze visitors who every year choose it as their favorite holiday destination. Among the inhabitants on Elba island, the environmental awareness that has led to the protection of this territory and its natural heritage has always been well developed. Anyone who chooses Elba as their holiday destination will be surprised by the diversity of the environment on this small island, which is the ideal place for all types of outdoor activities in any season. If you are looking for a holiday that combines relax, sea, nature and respect for the environment, why not hiring a sailboat in Tuscany and sailing to Elba island? You will find a wild and at the same time welcoming island, uncontaminated and rich nature, history and art, beaches of all kinds bathed by clear water. If you are not yet convinced and if you do not know which island of the Tuscan Archipelago to visit, why not going on a cruise to Elba island? You can find out in this article what to do in Elba island and why to choose this island.


The sea

Hiring a boat in Tuscany, whether it is a sailing boat or a catamaran, you will have the opportunity to see every day a different panorama and discover even the smallest and hidden coves that can only be reached by sea. If you opt to hire a sailboat you will be able to enjoy a "green" holiday with a lower impact on the environment. Another option is to chooose the boat hire in Liguria to add some stages to the navigation. Although Elba is a small island, the variety of its coastline will leave you speechless. It's an island made for everyone and you will have plenty of inspiration on what to do on Elba island. Those looking for peace and quiet will be satisfied by the atmosphere in La Zanca and Costa dei Gabbiani. You can not miss Sansone, in Portoferraio, a strip of gravel that can only be reached by walk or by sea, the beaches of Capoliveri, the beach of Cavoli, Cala dei Frati and Fetovaia in Campo nell'Elba. Hiring a boat in Portoferraio, the base of one of the main ports, you can explore even the lesser-known coves enjoying the pleasures of navigation and mooring. It won't be difficult to see dolphins and, more rarely, sperm whales when you rent boat in Tuscany. In addition, the versatility of the territory will allow you to practice any sport in open air: diving in the most unknown coves, swimming, free climbing, hiking, golf, kayaking... You'll be spoilt for choice!

elba island in tuscany

The environment

Elba island is the perfect destination not only for lovers of the sea and navigation, but also if you love trekking and walking, whether you are professional or just an amateur. In fact, Elba island is a place to relax and recharge batteries following the rhythms of the Mediterranean, but it also hosts a wide variety of environments and geological concentrated in a small territory. Together with Capraia, Giannutri, Giglio, Montecristo, Pianosa and Gorgona, the island of Elba is part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park and you can easily discover it by hiring a boat in Piombino. Among the things to do in Elba island you cannot miss Monte Capanne, which stands out with a height of over 1,000 meters and from which you can enjoy an amazing view. Note that the vegetation reflects the result of the years when the traditional industry was represented by mining, being the islands of the archipelago rich in iron. This means that, due to the need to have large quantities of charcoal, holm oak forests have disappeared. Currently the vegetation is made up of high Mediterranean scrub: heather, mastic and myrtle will inebriate you with their scents.

beach fetovaia elba island

History and art

Elba island is linked to Napoleon Bonaparte, who lived on the island less than a year. During t his time he built roads and reorganized the production of mining and wine. However, it should be remembered that the history of the island is not limited to the passage of this important historical figure and there is much more to see on Elba island, whose settlements date back to the Palaeolithic, and you can discover its history with boat hire in Viareggio, which is located a few nautical miles from the island. Elba was an inexhaustible source of wealth for Etruscans who extracted and exported iron in the Mediterranean. In the Middle Ages the Maritime Republic of Pisa exploited the granite and iron mines of the island and even today there are various testimonies of this era including the Romanesque churches and the tower of San Giovanni in Campo and the "Fortress" of Marciana. The Medici dynasty followed, with Cosimo who made the fortified city of Portoferraio built, a real masterpiece of military town planning. Then Spanish came and chose Porto Azzurro to settle and built Forte San Giacomo and the Sanctuary of Monserrato.

elba island

Don't wait any longer and start planning your cruise to Elba island. As you may have noticed, you are spoilt for choice as to what to do in Elba island in Italy and by renting a sailboat you can make your dream holiday come true!

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