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Many experienced yachtsman regard the Desolation Sound area as not only the most beautiful and varied cruising area in British Columbia, but equal to, if not better than, any other area in the world. This coastal haven of majestic fiords, towering 7,000 ft. peaks, cascading waterfalls, and pristine lakes provides countless well protected anchorages scattered throughout its spectacular cruising grounds. The almost complete absence of development or settlement results in a superlative "wilderness" feeling. This quality, which led Captain Vancouver to name the area "Desolation Sound", is the quality that many people today wish to experience. Sea lions and seals can be found sunning on the rocks, dolphins are often sighted and occasionally Orcas (killer whales) will also visit the Sound. Even the great grey whales can be seen in the Strait in the early part of the year. Enjoy hiking ashore where bald eagles, deer and mountain goats are only some of the abundant wildlife to be seen or swim in one of the many warm fresh water mountain lakes. Warm summer temperatures and the meeting of the tides jointly cause the Comox-Desolation Sound region to enjoy the mildest climate, richest sea life and warmest water on the British Columbia coast. This phenomenon is just one example of the uniqueness of Desolation Sound. Oysters grow in abundance in these warm water areas. Water temperatures in the Sound often exceed 75ºF (22ºC) from June through September and opportunities for saltwater swimming are numerous.1

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