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The Gulf of Saint Florent form a large body of water open to winds from the north to NW, but well sheltered from libeccio the mountains of Balagne. Blows strong east wind sometimes jump off the mountain that extends through the Cap Corse and emerging in the Gulf a fairly unpleasant chop.
The tip of the Mortella at the entrance of the golf course, wearing a small white turret of a beacon that facilitates the entry of night in the port of Saint Florent with fire Vecchiaja peak on the east bank. This turret can be spotted fairly low on the slope of the peak in front of an old semaphore. If it is not visible from a distance, there is little to worry about because the town and the citadel of Saint Florent are clearly visible.
The clear waters and the presence of many fish make them particularly attractive diving near the Vecchiaja peak between 5 and 30m.
In 1440, the Genoese erected a fortress on the site which remained until the eighteenth century, the seat of the Bishopric of Nebbio and Government House. Despite the ravages of malaria, there was disputed in the sixteenth century by the French, the Genoese, and of course, the Corsicans.
The city found a new lease, after Napoleon III had ordered the draining of the marshes, thus addressing the root causes of malaria. Work planning was undertaken and lasted under the Third Republic.
The creation of a marina in 1971 contributed greatly to the growth of the city.

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