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5 must-see things to see in Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj, Rovinj in Croatian, is one of the most visited destinations in Croatia. It is located in the Istrian peninsula and it can be considered a sort of gateway to Croatia. Rovinj is a city that you should include in your cruise by hiring a boat in Trieste. Trieste, amazing city on the Adriatic coast, is just 100 km away from Rovinj. Why not visit both cities, but sailing and hiring a boat in Croatia? Strolling around the city you can see the Venetian influence, from art to architecture. Rovinj is also appreciated for its flourishing Mediterranean scrub, pebble beaches surrounded by pine forests and 14 islands and islets off the coast. Thanks to its location, Rovinj is also an ideal base for sailing to the Kornati islands, sailing in the south of the country and visiting the Brijuni National Park. You can explore this small town just strolling around, but if you want to miss out on the best, start with the main places of interest.

The historical centre

Hiring a boat and once landed, let yourself be guided by the bell tower of the eighteenth-century church of St. Euphemia. This church has clear Venetian influence and that is why Rovinj is also called little Venice. In fact, from the 13th century until almost the end of the 19th century, Rovinj became one of the most important cities in the Maritime Republic. Since 1763, the island of Rovinj has been connected to the mainland and has been transformed into a peninsula, as it is today. Then get lost in the narrow cobbled streets of the old town, the market, and discover three of the seven gates that are still preserved and the Baroque and Renaissance buildings.


Relax at the harbour

Take the time for a stop after visiting the old town of Rovinj and stop at one of the many small cafes in the port. Here you will find not only tourists, but also locals and you will be amazed to hear them talking. In fact, there are two official languages in Rovinj: Croatian and Italian.


Beaches and nature

Rovinj in Croatia also has untouched natural landscapes, with dense Mediterranean vegetation surrounding pebble beaches. You can also hire a boat in Rovinj and sail to the islands and islets that are only a few nautical miles from the city. Among these you cannot miss the Red Island, the largest in Rovinj archipelago and Katarina island which is completely covered with vegetation. Its small coves are ideal for nature lovers and water sports lovers in general. Rovinj's beaches are considered the best in Istria and are all characterized by gravelly shores. Among the best you can find Baia Lone, Palù Beach and the beaches of the Punta Corrente Park.

rovinj croatia

The surrounding areas

Rovinj in Croatia is the perfect base for sailing to the many archipelagos around Croatian coast. Sailing south, the first city to visit is Pula, the historical capital of Croatian Istria and rich in historical treasures. The Kornati islands, or Kornati in Croatian, which are more than 150, with the beautiful National Park Kornati, have always been included in the list of the most beautiful islands where to sail in Croatia. In Kornati Islands you can discover some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia

The park of Punta Corrente

The forest park of Punta Corrente (Golden Cape) is ideal for the ones who are passionate about walking and trekking in the nature. Alternatively, you can rent a bike and walk along the long paths surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, including cedars and cypresses.

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If you are looking for a destination close to Italy, but also a destination to include in your cruise with boat hire in Croatia, Rovinj is the perfect destination for you. You will discover a country full of artistic and natural beauties and a city that is able to meet the tastes of every type of visitor. 

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