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kornati islands croatia

Kornati islands, the jewels of Croatia


Classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Kornati islands are the perfect destination for a cruise to Croatia and a holiday of relax in which you can also discover the wildest nature. In the Kornati archipelago, which is located in front of the Dalmatian coast, navigating is simple because the distances between the more than 140 islands are quite short and you can reach unspoilt coves and bays even with short navigation. Almost 90 of these islands are part of the National Park of the Kornati Islands and are among the most beautiful islands to sail in Croatia. If you are looking for a holiday where you can combine relax and nature and the sea, the best choice is to rent a boat in Croatia and sail to this archipelago that is not inhabited by a permanent population. You can get away from the stressful pace of everyday life and enjoy all kinds of water sports, diving, trekking on various paths or simply relax on board your rented sailboat in Croatia and enjoy the pleasures of sailing.


Kornati Islands National Park: an immersion in nature

The main characteristic of the Kornati Islands are the rocks overlooking the sea, called "crowns" - hence the name - which are typical of the Lower Kornati. The best way to discover this archipelago is to rent a boat in Croatia, a choice that will allow you to enjoy the unspoilt nature of these islands on which there are no accommodation facilities, except for some private houses, the so-called "fishermen's houses". The islands of Croatia are the perfect destination to discover on a sailing boat if you love adventure or on a catamaran if you wouldlike to enjoy its comfort. To start your tour of the Kornati archipelago you can rent a boat in Zadar and from here you can discover its beaches, coves and bays bathed in crystal clear water of the Adriatic, or you can leave from Italy by renting a boat in Venice.

According to an ancient saying, "As many days in a year, as many the Kornati islands". It is difficult to count all the rocks, islets and stacks, but it is certain that most of the Kornati National Park is the Kornati Island, the largest island, from which the archipelago actually takes its name. Its nature will surprise you: the landscape is barren and the coasts are jagged, with many cliffs overlooking the sea that are inaccessible, but that offer a wonderful view coming by sea. A recurring feature in most of the islands are the dry stone walls that have the function of protecting the fields and gather the animals to graze in a single property. Yachtsmen, who are the greatest lovers of the Kornati islands and who will choose to rent a boat in Croatia, should know that the most frequent wind in the archipelago is the Bora, which blows from the northeast, and the strongest instead is the Jugo, wind from the southwest.

Croatian kornati islands

The main islands to discover while sailing in the Kornati islands

Most of the sailing cruises are concentrated within the National Park where you can discover the most pristine coves, fishing villages, bays where you can moor and go diving. Most of the islands, such as Sit and Katina, are deserted, while others, such as Zut, are covered with broom, and are only inhabited during certain periods of the year. On the island of Lavsa there is a small village of visitors, which is repopulated in summer, and is surrounded by vineyards.

During your cruise on a rented boat in Biograd, a stop on Kornati Island itself is a must. About 25 km long and up to 2.5 km wide, this island is less jagged than the others and will surprise you with its unspoilt and wild appearance. We also recommend a stop at Lake Mir, whose water, warmer than that of the sea and salty, is considered beneficial to health. Also do not forget to visit the archaeological sites of Mala Proversa, probably the most important center of the archipelago in ancient times, as evidenced by the remains of the Roman villa, still open to visitors. Renting a boat in Sibenik, you should visit Murter, an islet connected to the mainland by a bridge in the town of Tilsno, and the island of Mana, with its cliffs overlooking the sea, also worth visiting.

coast kornati croatia

Treat yourself to a unique travel experience and set sail to the Kornati Islands, an authentic paradise just a short distance from Italy. Hiring a catamaran in Croatia gives you the chance to rediscover the pleasures of a special holiday where you can reconnect with nature and enjoy the pleasures of sailing. 

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