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Aeolian Islands: seven islands, seven wonders


Seven volcanic islands, each with its own identity, forming a magnificent archipelago, the Aeolian Islands, located north of the coast of Sicily, in the province of Messina. Shaped by fire, sea and wind, Aeolian Islands were included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2000. The best way to explore them is to hire a sailing boat in Sicily, which will allow you to live according to the rhythms of the few inhabitants of the archipelago and discover the most hidden coves and bays accessible only by sea. Lipari is the largest island, while Panarea is the smallest and the one VIPs like most; Stromboli is still characterized by intense volcanic activity. In Vulcano you can enjoy the famous spa, while Filicudi and Alicudi are the ideal destination for lovers of unspoiled nature and quietness. The seven islands have in common uncontaminated nature and coves and inlets bathed by a crystal clear sea. Whatever your interests, at Aeolian Islands will find what you are looking for, and if you want you can visit one per day with boat hire in Cefalù. However, we recommend you to take your time and let yourself be carried away by the rhythms of the Aeolian Islands to better enjoy this little corner of paradise in the Mediterranean. You will find not only crystal clear sea, but also volcanoes to explore, archaic cultures to discover and typical products to taste.


Volcano, Lipari and Salina, the largest of the Aeolian Islands

On the island of Vulcano, as the name suggests, there is a volcano that is still active. In fact, according to Greek mythology, this island was home to the forges of the god of fire, Ephesus. For the more adventurous, but also for nature lovers, we recommend a walk on the crater of the volcano, that is inactive, where you can walk in a dreamlike environment, between lava rocks and fumaroles. Once this unusual experience is over, you can try out the therapeutic properties of the thermal muds. Also in Vulcano you will find some of the few sandy beaches of the archipelago, black arena, and not the typical beaches of pebbles and stones. 

With a short cruise to the Aeolian Islands you will find Lipari, the most populous island in the archipelago, where you can visit the beautiful Greek acropolis and the Norman cathedral. On board your sailing boat do not miss a visit to Cala del Fico, beach of Vinci, Punta della Castagna and Capo Rosso. You can continue with the navigation with boat hire in Lipari and you will get to Salina. On this island, which is the greenest one, there are the highest mountains of the Aeolian archipelago. Here Fossa delle Felci grows, a forest of ferns overlooking the beaches, including that of Pollara and Scario. In Salina don't forget to try Malvasia, the typical wine of the island, famous all over the world. In the Aeolian Islands you can't help but taste the gastronomy: try the typical capers and the different fish dishes.

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Panarea and Stromboli

Renting a sailboat in Salina and continuing the navigation you will meet Panarea which, thanks to its particular flora, is home to Regional Oriented Natural Reserve. On this island, which is the smallest of the Aeolian Islands, there will be no lack of fun: frequented by VIPs and known for its clubs, Panarea will give you the opportunity to dance until dawn in one of the many clubs on the island and at the same time to enjoy a breathtaking landscape. Continuing with the navigation to the north with boat hire in Panarea you will find Stromboli, the northernmost of the Aeolian Islands and the ideal destination for lovers of trekking. Also on this island there is a volcano still in activity that erupts at regular intervals, called by the local population "Iddu", in Italian "lui", in English "him". It is the most active volcano in Europe. We suggest you to climb the volcano in the afternoon and enjoy the sunset to enjoy a unique experience. After the film "Stromboli, terra di Dio" was filmed by the director Rossellini in the 1950s, the island became famous, but never too much to be interested in mass tourism, as well as the other islands of the archipelago, making it a perfect destination for those looking for a peaceful holiday.

Aeolian Islands Archipelago

Filicudi and Alicudi, the wildest of the Aeolian Islands

Filicudi is one of the most uncontaminated of the Aeolian Islands and in fact here you will find an uncontaminated nature. Only a paved road crosses the island connecting the three small villages. You can walk along the old mule tracks and paths surrounded by vegetation to cross the island. Hiring a sailboat in the Aeolian Islands you can discover the coast dotted with rocks with particular shape. Don't miss to visit the ghost town of Zucco Grande, the wonderful Grotta del Bue Marino with its transparent waters, and the viewpoint of Stempignato: if you reach this place at sunset will give you a breathtaking experience. Last but not least, Alicudi, the wildest one. On this island, inhabited by a few dozen people, the circulation of cars is prohibited and boat hire will be the best way to discover all the coves and inlets where you can enjoy a swim in the bluest waters.


aeolian islands sicily


Let yourself be enchanted by the rhythms of the Mediterranean, far from mass tourism, and take the time to explore this archipelago by hiring a sailboat in Sicily. Discover this Italian cultural and natural heritage and get ready to live an incredible variety of experiences in the Aeolian Islands!


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