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Costa degli Etruschi in Tuscany, a holiday that combines sea and culture

Between Livorno and Piombino there are some of the cleanest beaches in central Italy, which correspond to Costa degli Etruschi in Tuscany. The name of this part of coast comes from the presence of settlements and archaeological evidence dating back to the Etruscan era, who settled in this area from the ninth century. The Etruscan Coast in Tuscany is the ideal destination for a holiday in which you can combine sea, nature and history. In fact, the Etruscan Coast includes the archaeological and natural areas of the Parks of Val di Cornia, which includes the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia. When hiring a boat in Tuscany you will have the opportunity to explore long sandy beaches and also the different bays of rocks that slope gently to the sea and immerse yourself in the wild nature of Tuscan Maremma. Also, do not forget to try the wines and delicious traditional food specialties of this area.


The Gulf of Baratti, an oasis of tranquility

Baratti is the perfect combination of unspoilt nature of Maremma, clean sea and millennia of history. Located in the municipality of Piombino, Baratti is located in the homonymous gulf and a few kilometers from the ancient Etruscan city of Populonia. The beach of Baratti is free and is surrounded by pine forests and meadows. If you hire a boat in Baratti you can visit not only the archaeological area and the remains of the ancient Etruscan necropolis, but also Populonia, an ancient Etruscan acropolis overlooking the sea. Thanks to its strategic position Populonia has developed over the centuries also exploiting the metallurgical activity. Thanks to the presence of iron in the sand, in fact, its colour is black. Enjoy the panoramic view from the acropolis of Populonia. From here you can see Elba island and Corsica when the sky is clear.

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Piombino and its long beaches

Known mainly as one of the most important poles of the steel industry in Italy, Piombino has 30 kilometers of beaches of different types: fine sand, pebbles and rocks, small bays and inlets that meet the tastes of every type of tourist. Hiring a boat in Piombino we suggest you to stop in Torre Mozza, with its long sandy beaches, its tower dating back to 1300 and the remains of the ancient Via Aurelia that are located just a few meters from the shore. Among the beaches that you should not miss we suggest you to visit Cala Moresca and Perelli. Piombino is also the ideal base for sailing to Elba island, the largest island of the Tuscan archipelago.


Marina di Castagneto Carducci

Marina di Castagneto is a seaside town with various equipped beaches and a long free beach. Behind the beach there is a large pine forest that offers refreshment during the hottest hours of the summer months. A few kilometers from the coast you will also find the medieval village of Castagneto Carducci, whose popularity is linked to poet Giosuè Carducci who lived in this country when he was young. Today you can visit the poet's house and the museum. 

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San Vincenzo, the ideal destination for families and yachtsmen

If you are looking for long beaches of fine and clear sand, Lido of San Vincenzo is the destination for you. Ideal for a family holiday, this is a fully equipped beach with all the comforts and where you can stop to taste various fish specialties in one of the many restaurants on the seaside. Hiring a sailboat in San Vincenzo you will also find a small port for mooring and you will have the opportunity to practice different water sports. 


Cecina, between sea and nature

Located a few nautical miles from Marina di Castagneto Carducci, Marina di Cecina is another place not to be missed during your cruise by hiring a boat in Tuscany. The sea in Cecina is among the cleanest and has been awarded several times with the Blue Flag and here is one of the most beautiful pine forests in Italy. With boat hire in Cecina you can also practice surf and windsurf. Also the historic center, which is located just a couple of kilometers from the beach, is worth a visit with the museum and the archaeological park.

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Costa degli Etruschi in Tuscany is the ideal destination to rediscover the contact with nature and the sea without travelling far from Italy. Perfect destination for a weekend of relax and tranquility, Costa degli etruschi won't disappoint you, and if you hire a boat in Tuscany you can enjoy the pleasure of sailing in one of the cleanest parts of the coast in central Italy. 

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