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sunset santorini

A cruise in the Greek islands: pure happiness

When sailing in Greece you can discover four main archipelagos scattered between the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea, that are four magnificent sailing areas very different from each other. If your cruise to Greek islands is a way to discover and explore the territory, then you can also visit many of them.


The Ionian Islands, each with its own charm

If you rent a sailboat on the Ionian Sea, you will discover islands that are very different from each other and each with its own attractions. Corfou, the northernmost of the Greek islands of the Ionian Sea, easily accessible thanks to its international airport, will fascinate you with its ancient archaeological remains, its coves and the life of its countries. Sailing on a cruise from Lefkada (or Lefkas), or renting a boat in Corfou, you will easily reach the beautiful island of Skorpios (former island of the Onassis family) and you can follow the footsteps of Ulysses in Ithaca, also on the island of Kefalonia, or even sail further south to Zakynthos and visit the famous Shipwreck beach.


Cyclades, "Le Grand Bleu" is there

If you want to discover Greece with its white houses with blue shutters perched on a hill, tthe urquoise waters, the cliffs often overlooking the sea, its beautiful white sandy beaches, this is the ideal place for your sailing cruise. The Meltemi, the local wind, will easily take you from one island to another. On Amorgos you will find the atmosphere and the fetish places of the movie "Le Grand Bleu".

Santorini panorama

Sporades, Mamma Mia! How beautiful!

Sporades consist of 24 small islands off the east coast of Greece, 120 km north of Athens. Only four of them are inhabited and if you want some peace and quietness during your cruise in the Greek islands, this is the ideal destination. Here the fragrant pines grow luxuriantly, the villages are enchanting, the sea is deep blue and the beaches heavenly; you can easily moor your sailboat and make a short excursion on its cozy hills.


The Dodecanese, between Greece and Turkey

Its name comes from the its 12 main islands. A cruise on these islands, which are the southernmost and sunniest in Greece, will immerse you in a civilization that is both Byzantine and Ottoman, avoiding big crowds of tourists. You will also discover the stories about the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the wonders of the world and the city of Rhodes will enchant you with its mixture of cultures and the charm of its streets.

local market Pserimos

The islands of the Gulf of Thessaloniki, each one with its own atmosphere

Poros, Aegina, Hydra, names we know without really knowing them. Located not far from Athens, you will find here more Athenians than tourists. These islands are a mixture of culture, cypresses, white houses: here is concentrated everything you can think about Greece. Hydra is "aesthetically perfect," wrote Henry Miller in the late 1930s. Without any doubt, this island has retained its old-fashioned charm. Egin is a mixture of nonchalance and animation. Poros will amaze you with its two small islands and the temple of Poseidon overlooking the island and from where you can admire the Peloponnese. Renting a boat in the Saronic Gulf will allow you to meet all the desires that have made you choose Greece as your cruising destination, so don't wait any longer!

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