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A cruise to Santorini, the wonder of the Cyclades Islands

Located in the south of the Aegean Sea and the only volcanic island of the Cyclades, the island of Santorini is different from the other islands. The bright blue sea, the white houses with blue roofs, the chapels, the huge cliffs and the breathtaking sunsets: this is what you will experience during your cruise to Santorini. It is a true wonder of nature, some even think that it is actually Atlantis, the lost city. You will find out that the island of Santorini is full of places to discover. Between relax, swimming, walking, hiking and trips on board your boat you cannot forget a holiday on this island of irresistible charm. 

Arrival by boat 

One of the first experiences of your cruise to Santorini will be the arrival by boat in the archipelago and we guarantee that it is an unforgettable experience! In front of you stand the majestic cliffs of the volcano, more than 300 meters high, perched above the crystal clear water. We assure you that you can be fascinated by Santorini even before you set foot on it. 


Visiting the village of Oia

Located on the northwest coast road, Oia, pronounced "Ía", is considered the most beautiful village on the island. It is particularly popular throughout the world for its troglodytic houses suspended in the void, its churches with blue roofs, its quiet life and its fantastic sunset. When you rent a boat in Greece and more precisely during your holiday in Santorini, don't forget to explore this beautiful village. Stroll through its narrow streets and enjoy a drink on the sunny terraces. You can't leave Oia without admiring what is considered to be one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. You will find many views that will offer you a breathtaking view of the bay, one of the most romantic places in the world. You can also admire the sunset from your catamaran or sailboat and it will be a magical moment. You can also visit the port of Ammoudi where you can enjoy delicious fresh fish in the many taverns of the port. Don't miss to visit the ruins of the Byzantine castle which offer a splendid view of the caldera and from where you can take beautiful panoramic photos. 

sunset in santorini

The volcano and the thermal springs 

You can't stop at Santorini without exploring the volcano Néa Kaméni. Located in the center of the caldera of Santorini, this volcano with its red and black rocks will offer you a wild and authentic landscape around the crater that is still active. Perched 150 metres above sea level, you can admire this 2.5 million year old volcano and enjoy a sublime view of all the villages in the caldera. For the more adventurous, we sugges to dive into the warm thermal waters at 35 degrees and enjoy this "volcanic spa"

volcano nea kameni santorini

The most beautiful beaches in Santorini 

During your cruise to Santorini by sailboat or catamaran you will have the opportunity to visit the many unique beaches of the island that will meet everyone's taste. There are beaches of white sand, pebbles, fine sand, black sand, red sand. Here are some ideas to organise your days of relax in the sun.

  • The red beach: it is the most famous beach of Santorini, but unfortunately it is also the most popular during the summer season. The beach is surrounded by red cliffs and its sand is volcani. This beach is the ideal place to snorkel in the midst of clear, transparent water and many fish that populate the area.

  • The white beach: located near the red beach, the white beach is bordered by bright white cliffs. Just like the red beach, you will find turquoise and clear water. Accessible only by sea, the beach has remained protected from mass tourism and is considered by local guides the most beautiful beach on the island of Santorini. 

  • Vouvourlos beach: this small isolated beach is ideal if you want to get away from the crowds. You can enjoy this enchanting beach in peace and quiet and have a meal in its typical restaurant. 

  • Kambia beach: if you like less touristy beaches, Kambia beach is the one for you. This small cove is not very crowded and here the water is completely transparent. It is a pebble beach, so it is better to bring suitable footwear.

  • Monolithos Beach: this golden sandy beach is ideal for families due to its shallow waters and playgrounds. A real paradise for parents and children.

santorini red sand beach

You can choose Santorini without any doubt as your next cruising destination. Among its white houses perched on the cliffs, its fantastic sunsets, its volcanic territory and its beaches, the island of Santorini will give you unforgettable memories. 

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