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La Maddalena island in Sardinia, a corner of paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean

In the north-east of Sardinia there is an archipelago that takes its name from the main island, the island of La Maddalena, and from the national park, as well as a popular destination especially in summer for those who love the sea and nature. The best way to visit La Maddalena island in Sardinia is the boat hire at La Maddalena that will allow you to explore 60 islands and islets that are part of the archipelago. If you choose to sail to La Maddalena you can visit one of the wonders of the Mediterranean that attracts a strong national interest and you can immerse yourself in an unspoilt environment. You will discover bays and hidden coves bathed by turquoise water and surrounded by the Mediterranean. Between the islands that are part of La Maddalena archipelago in Sardinia you can not miss the major ones that are La Maddalena, Caprera, Spargi and Santo Stefano but also three islets surrounded by a magnificent sea: Budelli, Santa Maria and Razzoli. Moreover, La Maddalena island is a strategic base for sailing along the eastern coast to Santa Teresa di Gallura or Castelsardo, or set sail west to Olbia or the fashionable Porto Cervo, Portisco and Porto Rotondo.

La Maddalena island and the other main islands

Your holiday in the archipelago can start from the main island, Maddalena island, once an Italian and American military base, which is the only inhabited island in the archipelago and has a lively old town to discover by walking. Take the time to have a walk on the streets and in the marina of Cala Gavetta, not to mention the fish market and Piazza Garibaldi. Now you just have to set sail by renting a boat in Sardinia and explore this corner of paradise, and ideal destination for nature and sea lovers. The territory of the archipelago of La Maddalena is mainly rocky and is an excellent destination the ones who love trekking who will not be disappointed by the many breathtaking landscapes. It should also be noted that the archipelago of La Maddalena has an important history: in Caprera, Garibaldi spent his last days in what is now known as the White House. A place full of suggestions that will not disappoint especially history lovers. On Santo Stefano island, which once was a base of the American Navy, there are various erosions and cavities that man has used as a refuge since the Neolithic age.

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La Maddalena, the most beautiful beaches

La Maddalena island and the archipelago that has the same name are known and appreciated especially for their beautiful beaches, all washed by a turquoise and crystal clear sea. When renting a boat at La Maddalena you can discover one of the most popular places not only in Sardinia, but in Italy. As for the beaches you will be spoiled for choice and you will be surprised because of their beauty. We recommend not to missed these beaches during your cruise:

  • Budelli pink beach: on the island of Budelli there is this famous beach whose sand gets pinkish thanks to the presence of fragments of coral, granite and shells. It is a protected place from the naturalistic point of view and was also the set for the film The Red Desert by Michelangelo Antonioni.

  • Low Trinity: located on the northwest coast of La Maddalena island, it is said that this Caribbean beach is one of the largest beaches on La Maddalena. 

  • Cala Coticcio: this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Caprera and is also known by another name: Tahiti. 

  • Cala Corsara: if you decide to stop off on the island of Spargi, Cala Corsara deserves a special visit. It is a real corner of paradise consisting of four small beaches characterized by very fine sand and surrounded by dunes, Mediterranean vegetation and granite rocks.

cala corsara la maddalena

La Maddalena National Park

Established in 1994, La Maddalena National Park covers both land and sea for over 20,000 hectares and includes over 60 islands and islets. It was the first in Sardinia and it is extremely protected: almost a thousand plant species live here and there is a particular fauna. The rocks are shaped by the winds and water and the colours of the sea that bathes the many coves is crystal clear. Thanks to these characteristics, diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will find beautiful seabeds, including Punta Coticcio, the grotto of san Francesco and the shoals of Spargiotello and Washington.

la maddalena sardinia

La Maddalena island in Sardinia and La Maddalena archipelago are a corner of paradise where you can recharge your batteries and taking home all the shades of turquoise and the tranquility of the Mediterranean rhythms. What are you waiting for? Set sail with the boat rental La Maddalena and let yourself be surprised by the beauty of this archipelago!

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