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Sardinia : What is your kind of boat?

Sardinia - our advices for your cruise

Discover Sardinia from a different angle, as close as possible to nature and the sea, with a boat hire in Sardinia! Alone (if you have enough sailing experience) or with a skipper, explore the coasts of this still wild island on the shores of Italy thanks to our sailboat, catamaran or motor boat hire service.


Why go on a cruise to Sardinia?


Sardinia is one of the most famous Mediterranean islands for its history and legends. A haven for many pirates in children's tales, this natural area is perfect for cruising and discovering the Italian coast. Sardinia is also famous for its many coves and several types of small typical port, nestled in the heart of a green and mountainous region.

A boat hire in Sardinia will allow you to discover the island in a new light. As close as possible to the marine fauna and flora of the Mediterranean Sea, you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes. You choose your pace of discovery according to a classic or more original route, for example by discovering Cagliari, a capital rich in colours and traditions.


boat hire sardinia
Porto Quatu in the north of Sardinia


The best places to sail in Sardinia


Whether you prefer the small port of Alghero or Porto Rotondo as the ideal anchorage for your boat hire, or you just want to discover all the customs of Sardinia by visiting its capital Cagliari... everything is possible during your cruise! Make one or more stops in the small villages of Carloforte or La Maddalena, relax on the beaches of Portisco in the heart of the province of Olbia... You will enjoy a total change of scenery and a unique feeling of freedom.

Each route has its share of surprises and emotions in Sardinia! Hiring a catamaran or monohull allows you to travel at your own pace, rocked by the translucent and warm Mediterranean waves. Whether you are a thrill-seeker or a lazy enthusiast, you choose the type of package that suits you best, to make your stay in Sardinia an unforgettable experience.

Between two anchorages, you can discover the typical architecture of Sardinia and its historical and geological heritage. Because this archipelago, which borders Corsica, is full of caves and nuraghi (small stone turrets typical of the Sardinian landscape) that you can visit during a moment of communion with nature.

The inhabitants of the island are called the Sardinians and will be delighted to show you their local customs and traditions. One of them, the nap, will make you discover a change of pace of life in the afternoon. For a few hours, the cities fall asleep, to better wake up at the end of the day, where you may be led to follow a continuous stream of Sardinians who resume their day. A lifestyle that reflects the holidays and relaxation you are looking for.

Alone or accompanied on the water, take advantage of your boat hire in Sardinia to feel the beaten track of itineraries all around the island with its unique nature and folklore.


cala luna
Cala Luna


Practical information on navigation in the area


In Sardinia, there are many small ports and yet none of them are really the same. Alghero, Porto Rotondo and not to mention the capital are the favourite anchorage for travellers. This island, which borders Italy, serves as an essential place for excursions and rejuvenation. It has a Mediterranean climate, which allows you to enjoy the beauty of its landscapes and coves, at any time of the year.

The ideal period of navigation is established especially according to your preferences of outside temperatures. Spring and until the arrival of summer seems to be the ideal time to get started on a rental boat in the Mediterranean Sea or to discover Sardinia, with an experienced skipper who will take you on a gentle and rocking sea.

Travel around Sardinia from west to east and from north to south, for example from Carloforte to La Maddalena along the beaches of Olbia, such as Portisco, Golfo Aranci or Porto Sao Paolo. With our boat hire, visit the coasts of Sardinia like you have never seen them before, letting the wind take you away!


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