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pontine islands

The Pontine Islands, from Ponza to Ventotene by boat


Off the Gulf of Gaeta, in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the archipelago of the Pontine islands is located, overlooking a stretch of sea between the Circeo and Monte di Procida. An archipelago of six islands of volcanic origin divided into two groups that has remained preserved and is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. It is a small corner of paradise where you can find peace. However, they can be a bit crowded in July and August, the months in which the majority of Italians and foreign tourists from Lazio and Campania often come for day trips. If you opt to hire a boat in Italy you can visit these six pearls immersed in the blue sea and be amazed by the unspoilt landscape of this archipelago, while enjoying the pleasures of sailing during high season too. Set sail for one of the wildest archipelagos in the Mediterranean and let yourself be surprised by the extraordinary welcome of the local population who will be able to recommend the best beaches and coves to discover on board your boat. In the meantime, let yourself be inspired by this article and start planning your cruise to the Pontine Islands hiring a boat in Naples.


Ponza and Ventotene

Ponza and Ventotene are the only two islands inhabited throughout the year. They are quiet, wild and frequented. You can easily get there by boat hire in Formia. Ponza is colorful, with lush vegetation. Vetotene is characterized by darker atmospheres and it is completely volcanic.

With its 7.5 square kilometers of surface area, Ponza is the largest island in the archipelago and also the most densely populated. The coves on the island of Ponza are bathed in crystal clear water and the only way to discover them all is to hire a boat. With boat hire in Ponza you will have the opportunity to explore its coastline and dive in the best places. However, Ponza is not only about sea: on the island you can visit archaeological sites from Roman times, but also the main villages that are Ponza, Campo Inglese and La Forna. Among the beaches not to be missed in Ponza we recommend Cala di Luna, Cala Cecata, Cala Feola and Piscine Naturali.

Ventotene instead belongs geographically to the archipelago of the Pontine Islands, but geologically it would be part of the Phlegraean Islands, along with Ischia and Procida. Easily accessible by boat hire in Anzio, Ventotene is a paradise for lovers of diving and the sea. On the island you will find almost no car and this makes it the ideal destination for those who are looking for complete quietness. Until a few decades ago, the nearby island of Santo Stefano was home to a penal colony and probably also for this reason the islands have so far not been interested by mass tourism.

ponza pontine islands

Palmarola and Zannone

The third largest island in the Pontine archipelago, Palmarola, is perhaps the most preserved and wildest in the archipelago. The beaches of this island are few but incredible, surrounded by wild nature and impressive rock faces. Not to be missed during your cruise in the Pontine Islands hiring a boat in Gaeta the so-called "cathedral", a wall of rocks that stands out against the sea as if they were spires, hiding beautiful caves. The natural heritage is so important that it is preserved by a nature reserve. Don't miss Cala Brigantino, Forcina and Cala del Porto. 

Hiring a boat in San Felice Circeo you can visit Zannone which is part of the Circeo National Park and is completely deserted. It is the ideal destination if you are looking for a holiday of peace and quietness.

pontine islands

Gavi and Santo Stefano

The island of Gavi is the smallest in size of the archipelago. It does not have artificial mooorings and like the island of Zannone is part of the Circeo National Park. That's why if you opt to hire a boat you can circumnavigate the whole island and discover the rocky profile of its coast. 

Last but not least, Santo Stefano, also completely uninhabited, and similar to a large rock. The predominant colours here are two: the green of the vegetation and the dark blue of the sea. The former circular prison built in the 18th century and closed definitively in the mid-1960s is the only building that you will find on the island.

cathedral palmarola

Let yourself be lulled by the silence of the Pontine Islands and get ready to set sail for an unforgettable holiday by hiring a boat in Naples. You will discover six beautiful islands, where nature and the sea are still the great protagonists. 

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