greece alonissos

Alonissos, the secret heavenly island

A quiet environment, pine forests, idyllic beaches, authentic fishing villages, more than 300 marine species... Welcome to the island of Alonissos in Greece! Does this name remind you of anything? In this article you will find everything out about this island, which looks like a paradise and is not yet affected by mass tourism.
sporades islands

Why not go sailing to Sporades islands?

With this article we will take you to Sporades islands, a destination still not so popular, but whose beauty will amaze you! Beaches and bays bathed in turquoise waters, preserved flora and fauna and green landscapes make it a dream destination for sailing!
greek island

The best islands in Greece

Did you decide to explore the best islands in Greece by boat but you don't know which one to choose? Among heavenly beaches, turquoise bays, Mediterranean cuisine and an exceptional historical heritage, the Greek islands have all the features in place to seduce you. Discover in this article our selection of the best islands in Greece.
corfou greece

Sailing to Corfou, the most beautiful of the Ionian Islands

Located in the Ionian Sea, Corfou is one of the most attractive destinations in the world. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, Corfou is a true paradise: timeless villages, paradisiacal beaches, romantic paths... In this article we will reveal everything about this wild island.
river cruise france

River cruise in France: the 5 most beautiful destinations

Why don't you let yourself be tempted by a river cruise in France for your next holiday? With more than 8,000 kilometres of waterways, France has the largest river network in Europe: from the most picturesque villages to the locks, you will find in this article the 5 most beautiful destinations for sailing in France!
cruise bahamas

A cruise to the Bahamas: discover an exceptional place

The Bahamas is a real paradise on earth: between authenticity and a preserved environment, during your cruise to the Bahamas you will discover long white sandy beaches, some of the clearest water in the world and a welcoming and fascinating population.
best beaches croatia

The best beaches in Croatia

What if we had to sum up Croatia in a few words? A mix of culture, authenticity, history, but also no less than 1,244 islands and islets and several kilometers of coastline. It is easy to understand why Croatian beaches are often in the ranking of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and the world! In this article you will find our selection of the best beaches in Croatia.
lot valley

The essential stages of a cruise on Lot in France

Why not going on a cruise on River Lot in France for your next holiday? Between spectacular landscapes, limestone cliffs, picturesque villages and local gastronomy, your navigation on one of the most beautiful rivers in France will be unforgettable!
hvar island

Sailing to Hvar island in Croatia

With its dreamy landscapes, historical heritage, amazing beaches, villages, Hvar island is one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia and is included among the ten most beautiful islands in the world. Discover this amazing island and its beauties by reading this article.
vis island croatia

Vis island: the authentic Croatia

If you are looking for beautiful bays, hiking trails, natural bays and a simple and authentic experience, Vis island has all these characteristics! It is not the most famous island in Croatia, but it will delight you with its unspoiled nature, the most traditional countries and crystal clear waters. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Vis, the authentic island.
brac island croatia

Discovering Brac island in Croatia

Considered one of the most beautiful islands in Croatia and situated right in front of Split, the island of Brac is the ideal destination for families, sport and nature lovers. In this article you will find all our advice on the most beautiful places to discover and a selection of the most beautiful beaches on the island.
pontine islands

The Pontine Islands, from Ponza to Ventotene by boat

Six islands of volcanic origin that have always been among the most beautiful Italian seaside places, the Pontine Islands. Located off the Gulf of Gaeta, the Pontine Islands, once also known as the Ponziane Islands, are the ideal destination to discover by boat and where to spend a holiday of peace and relax.
where to go on holiday this summer

Boat holidays: where to go on holiday this summer?

If you haven't booked your summer holiday yet, it's time to do it! Whether you are looking for an exotic destination, a place in the middle of nature or dream beaches, Filovent has selected for you the best places to sail to this summer!
cruise seychelles

A cruise to the Seychelles, the lost paradise on Earth

The Seychelles look like a postcard where wonder is guaranteed! It is the ideal destination to relax with family or friends and discover beautiful landscapes. Set sail for a cruise to the Seychelles and discover a paradise on the other side of the world!
egadi islands

Egadi Islands, an oasis of peace in the Mediterranean

Hidden coves, villages that have kept their identity, the life that flows slowly: the Egadi Islands are a paradise off the west coast of Sicily, easily accessible by boat. Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo and the other smaller islands are the place where you can find your own dimension living in close contact with nature.
aeolian islands sicily

Aeolian Islands: seven islands, seven wonders

Seven sisters off the northern coast of Sicily. These are the Aeolian Islands, which form one of the most interesting archipelagos in Europe from a historical and naturalistic point of view. The best way to discover these volcanic islands declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site is hiring a boat. Moon landscapes, craters of still active volcanoes, blue sea, the sound of the wind that has shaped the archipelago for centuries: all this, and much more, awaits you at the Aeolian Islands.
nantes to brest canal

Country escape on Nantes to Brest canal

Brittany is a magnificent region to explore with its 600 kilometres of waterways that cross an authentic and lush countryside, not to mention the medieval towns and legendary castles. Why not discovering Brittany on Nantes to Brest canal? An escape to the heart of history and nature is waiting for you.
liguria coast

Setting sail from La Spezia

The eastern coast of Liguria is an area known throughout the world for the beauty of its landscape and that never ceases to enchant visitors who choose it as their holiday destination. The Cinque Terre Park with its five villages, the Gulf of Poets, Lerici and Tellaro are waiting for you if you decide to set sail for a sailing cruise in La Spezia.
sailing boats baleares

Mallorca or Menorca, which one suits you best?

The Balearic archipelago, one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, with a history dating back to the Greek and Phoenician civilizations, is a perfect destination for a holiday in the sun. The archipelago consists of four main islands with different atmospheres. Majorca or Menorca? If your heart oscillates between Majorca and Menorca, you will find in this article our tips to choose the one that suits you best!

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