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Velas is a common Azores islands.

The municipality had, in 2011, 5398 people, a population density of 45 inhab. / Km ² and an area of ''15.18 km ². The town is part of the island of São Jorge, which occupies the western part.

This is the main port of the island. As with other deep water ports of the Azores (Horta, Angra do Heroismo), it lies at the foot of an ancient volcanic cone.

The town has six communities (parishes). The other town in the island is Calheta, located to the east. The other nearest town is Santa Cruz da Graciosa, on the island of Graciosa in the north.

The village was founded in the 1500s Velas means candles in Portuguese, which took its name from a legend that candles carried by a vessel is wrecked regularly failed to shore.

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