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Cayo Largo is an island in the Cuban archipelago Canarreos. The island is also known as Cayo Largo del Sur. It is a small island roughly 25 km long and roughly 3 km wide at its widest part. This is the second island (by area) of the Archipelago Canarreos after the Isle of Youth (Isla de la Juventud).
Christopher Columbus stayed on his second voyage in 1494 Sir Francis Drake would be there too might be arrested during one of his trips around the world. Today, there are beaches of exceptional beauty and sites of scuba diving that attract tourists. There are no permanent inhabitants on the island. Local workers are employed mostly in hotels for a period of 20 consecutive days before returning home on another island (mostly the Isle of Youth) for 10 days of leave.
The beaches are almost all concentrated in the southern part of the island then found only swamps and mangroves in the north.
In November 2001, the island was completely submerged by the storm surge associated with Hurricane Michelle].

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